Check out the Mango Selfie consumer sweepstakes page for an overview of the promotion.


Feel free to use these suggested posts or write your own to promote the Mango Selfie sweepstakes on your social channels, website or blog.

How to create a successful social post to promote the #MangoSelfie:

  1. Tell them about the prize.
    • “Enter to win a $25 gift card”
  2. Tell them how to enter
    • “Take a mango selfie and post on Instagram”
  3. Request the sweepstakes tags in their caption
    • “Include #MangoSelfie and @MangoBoard”
  4. Explain the final requirements
    • “And follow @MangoBoard”
    • “Your Instagram profile must be public to enter”
  5. Optional: encourage the shopper to tag their location at your grocery store.
    • “Tag your location at (insert retailer name here)”

#MangoSelfie Sample Posts:

  • Post your #MangoSelfie for a chance to win a $25 gift card! Include #MangoSelfie and @MangoBoard in your caption to enter! Profiles must be public and follow @MangoBoard.

  • Your mango selfie could win you $25! Share your #MangoSelfie on your public Instagram profile to enter. All you have to do is caption #MangoSelfie, @MangoBoard in your photo and follow @MangoBoard!

  • Share your selfie with mangos and you could win a $25 gift card! Here’s how to enter:
    • T​ake your best selfie with a mango
    • Post to your public Instgram profile
    • Include #MangoSelfie and @MangoBoard in your caption
    • Follow @MangoBoard

  • Mangos could win you $25 next time you head to (@insert retailer name). Take a selfie with a mango and include #MangoSelfie and @MangoBoard in your caption. Make sure your profile is public and you follow @MangoBoard!

  • Let mangos brighten your winter with a $25 gift card! Step 1: Take a selfie with a mango. Step 2: Post your pic to Instagram. Step 3. Include #MangoSelfie and @MangoBoard in your caption. Step 4. Follow the @MangoBoard. Step 5. Make sure your profile is public.

  • Your love for mangos could win you $25! To enter, take a #MangoSelfie and upload it to your public Instagram profile. Caption #MangoSelfie and @MangoBoard, and follow @MangoBoard for your chance to win!

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