About the NMB


Uniting. Preserving. Informing.

We’re a diverse group made up of growers, grocers and shippers, distributors, marketers, researchers—and so much more—on a mission to inspire and educate U.S. consumers about the culture, flavor, and nutrition of the world’s most versatile superfruit—the Mango!

At the National Mango Board, we like to think of ourselves as hosts of the #mangoparty. Our day-to-day work includes strategic planning, marketing and communications, research, and industry relations to achieve our vision of bringing the marvelous, wonderful, and magical mango to every household in America.

The National Mango Board believes mangos are a healthy snack and versatile kitchen staple—and we’re proud to spread that message to the world. As one of the oldest fruits in the world, the 5,000 year old mango is a flavorful, refreshing fruit that evokes feelings of celebration with every slice, dice, and scoop.

Our research programs help the entire mango supply chain deliver a quality product to the U.S. consumer—educating growers, shippers, packers, importers, retailers, and others with essential resources, information, and advice. The NMB’s research program also investigates the phytonutrient properties of mangos and conducts studies about mango’s potential health benefits.

Finally, the industry communications program reaches out to the mango industry to share our news, results, and resources while listening to the needs of the community in order to create one that is more unified and productive.

Want to learn even more about the National Mango Board? Reach out for more information. We’d be happy to tell you more about our programs and the magical, wonderful world of mangos.

The National Mango Board is a national promotion and research organization, supported by assessments from domestic and imported mangos.