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The mission of the National Mango Board (NMB) is simple: we’re here to inspire everyone to taste the joy in their everyday lives. Through education on mango nutrition, flavor and culture, we hope to inspire customers to enjoy fresh mangos in every way. Plus, we provide resources for retailers and food service professionals to become experts in connecting the public to the world’s most joy-infused fruit.



Since 2005, the National Mango Board has been on a mission to inspire and educate U.S. consumers about the culture, flavor, versatility and nutrition of mango. Find out latest annual reports and follow our progress as we’re turning mangos from an exotic fruit to a kitchen staple in every U.S. household.

How the

NMB works

A magician never reveals their secrets — but in this case, we’re happy to let you peek behind the curtain of all our mango magic.

Industry Compliance

As you might have guessed based on the name, the NMB is a national organization whose mission is to increase the consumption of mangos. We take a three-pronged approach to this, focusing our efforts on marketing, research and industry relations, each supported by assessments from domestic and imported mangos.

Assessments and Exemptions

Assessments are collected on whole, fresh mangos at the rate of ¾ cent per pound. Assessments on imported mangos are collected at the border via U.S. Customs and then forwarded to the National Mango Board. Assessments on domestically grown mangos should be paid directly to the National Mango Board.



For such a small fruit, mango packs a huge nutritional punch. It’s a superfruit — so it’s no wonder we aren’t done discovering all the amazing benefits mango has to offer. Check out some of our recent joyful findings on how mango can boost your daily life.

What the

NMB Does

The short answer? Some really cool stuff. The long answer? Check us out:


Our marketing efforts are ultimately focused on connection. We want to connect with consumers, retailers and food service professionals and drive awareness of all the magical mango moments that are possible when fresh mangos are included in daily life.

Research and Industry Relations Program

There’s always something new to discover in the world of mangos. So, we put together our research program, designed to unearth new and positive health benefits to eating mangos. The program also works to generate production and postharvest knowledge to make the mango supply chain more efficient — and, of course, to ensure that the mangos U.S. consumers are buying are safe, tasty and joyful.

Communications Program

The mango industry thrives when we work together. Our Communications Program is designed to enhance industry communication and preparedness to make that happen. Essentially, this program allows us to function as liaisons with various partners in the industry, providing them with education around mango quality, food safety and sustainability, as well as any industry news or crisis communication needs.

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Learn more about the National Mango Board members working with our staff to provide strategic guidance on increasing mango awareness and consumption.

Meet The


It really does take a village to move mountains — or in this case, mangos. Take a look at the talented team dedicated to helping consumers taste the joy.


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