Nutrition & Health Research

The Nutrition and Health program is designed to provide information about the phytochemical compounds and nutritive value of the main mango varieties consumed in the U.S. and its relation with human health. It includes the following projects:


Determine if mango intake will result in favorable changes in measures of skin wrinkles and redness in postmenopausal women and assess secondary measures including skin resistance to sunburn and skin carotenoid content.


Validate benefits of mango consumption on MetS parameters and intestinal integrity in overweight/obese men and women.
Explore mechanisms of action through analyses of changes in key molecular signaling pathways and metabolic regulatory networks identified through transcriptomic and metabolomic studies.
Study que prebiotic potential of mango consumption on the gut microbiota of overweight/obese men and women using a metagenomic approach.


Determine the beneficial impact of mango phytochemicals with and without probiotics from lean and obese individuals using samples collected in FY18.

Satiety & Body Weight

Determine the satiety and cardiometabolic effects of fresh mango pulp consumption on overweight and obese men and women ages 18-45.

Influence of Mangos on Blood Preassure, Insulin & Glucose levels

The objective of this project is to provide answer to the research questions generated from our previous cardiovascular study whether the decline in Systolic Blood Pressure is due simply to calorie intake, or due to compounds in the mangos.

All nutrition studies funded by the NMB use mangos that are readily available to U.S. consumers, meaning that common varieties and hot water treated mangos are used.

The discovery of new, positive health benefits from eating mangos could have a major impact on future mango sales. In this age of health-conscious consumers, nutrition messages are extremely powerful as a marketing tool. Consumers are hungry for news about how to stay healthier longer. Combined with the delicious flavor of mangos, nutrition messages may be a big win for the mango industry.

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