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Summer with Mango

Ain’t no party like a mango party! This summer, beat the heat and infuse a little joy into your backyard get-togethers with the addition of uniquely refreshing mango — the ultimate party fruit. No other fruit delivers the same delightful mix of flavor, nutrition and versatility. Check out all the ways you can make mango the star of your summer celebration this season.

Grilling Your


Nothing says summer quite like firing up the grill. While you may be used to eating mangos fresh, consider adding them to your grilling menu this summer — the natural sweetness of this delectable fruit pairs amazingly well with the smoky flavors you get from a nice char. Add them to kebabs, or serve them up alongside some grilled corn on the cob and steak.

Mango Smoothie


It’s smoothie sailing from here. Summer is the perfect time of year to indulge in all sorts of refreshing drinks, and smoothies especially are a great way to cool down. Mangos are a classic smoothie superstar, as they work incredibly well with a variety of other flavors, and add a nutritional punch to your summertime treat.

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Every great mango recipe starts with fresh mangos. Find out where you can stock up on perfectly fresh, just-right mangos near you.

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