& Industry Relations Program

Success for the National Mango Board is success across the entire mango industry. Find our Research & Industry Relations Program resources below.



Nutrition & Health Research

The Nutrition and Health program is designed to provide information about the phytochemical compounds and nutritive value of the main mango varieties consumed in the U.S. and its relation with human health.

Postharvest Practices Research

Assessments are collected on whole, fresh mangos at the rate of ¾ cent per pound. Assessments on imported mangos are collected at the border via U.S. Customs and then forwarded to the National Mango Board. Assessments on domestically grown mangos should be paid directly to the National Mango Board.

Industry Relations

This program is designed to enhance industry communications and preparedness to create a unified mango industry. As well as educate the mango industry and encourage better sharing of information; while providing tools and resources.



View the entire library of National Mango Board research in our Research section.