Industry relations program

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This program is designed to enhance industry communications and preparedness to create a unified mango industry. The expected outcome of this program is to guide communications outreach efforts and initiatives to increase awareness and support for the NMB, and its programs. As well as educate the mango industry and encourage better sharing of information; while providing tools and resources.

Industry outreach events

This programis designed to enhance communication between NMB staff and mango industry providing an opportunity to showcase tools and resources to better support the needs of mango industry members. The meetings also help the NMB staff build rapport and develop relationships with members of the mango industry.

  • Provide extension materials and information to mango growers, harvesters, packers, shippers and importers to enable them to understand how the harvesting and handling practices affect the quality and acceptability of their mangos in the marketplace.
  • Demonstrate simple and practical quality control practices to ensure the highest possible product quality and safety
    Increase awareness of developed tools and resources.
  • Increase awareness of developed tools and resources
  • Reduce postharvest losses (i.e. adjustments, etc.)


  • Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico - Postponed (2021)
  • Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico - Postponed (2021)
  • Piura, Peru (Promango congress) - Postponed (2021)
  • Haiti (ANEM) - Postponed (2021)
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador - Postponed (2021)
  • Petrolina, Brazil - Postponed (2021)
  • Piura, Peru (APEM congress) - Postponed (2021)
  • Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (EMEX A.C. congress) - Postponed (2021)
  • Guatemala - (AGEXPORT) - TBD
  • International Mango Conference - Coral Gables, FL - Postponed (2021)
  • South Florida Growers workshop - Postponed (2021)
  • Evolving your mango strategy. What you need to know? - Tuesday June 30, 2020, Starting at 3:00 PM EDT / Register here

Check the Events Calendar for news about the upcoming industry outreach meetings and industry events. In between meetings, the best way to keep up with news from the NMB is by signing up for the Mango Connection or by following Mangos Connect on Facebook and on LinkedIn.