Mangos Ignite Menu Passion

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Mangos are nutritious and delicious, and it’s no wonder mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world. This super fruit inspires chefs around the globe. The year-round availability of mango and its incredible versatility make it easy to plan daily, monthly and seasonal menu specials. Dive into divine flavor as mango adds a new dimension to these five innovative recipes created in collaboration with Flavor and the Menu magazine and developed as a part of the Kitchen Collaborative initiative. Five talented chefs partnered with the National Mango Board to fuel mango flavor innovation and create recipes that showcase the passion and potential of the foodservice industry.

Recipe courtesy of: Chef Tamra Scroggins, Daily Grill


Recipe courtesy of: Chef Pascal Beaute, Delaware North


Recipe courtesy of: Chef Olivier Gaupin, Benchmark—A Global Hospitality Company


Recipe courtesy of: Chef David J Stadtmiller, TGI Friday’s


Recipe courtesy of: Chef Farley Kaiser, Wawa