Mangos Ignite Menu Passion

July 7, 2020

The National Mango Board (NMB) is proud to be a sponsor of the ongoing Kitchen Collaborative initiative in partnership with Flavor & Menu magazine as a part of the NMB’s foodservice marketing program. Kitchen Collaborative is a recipe-development program organized by Summit F&B and Flavor & The Menu with support from sponsor brands and commodity boards looking to help chefs create, inspire and collaborate.

The NMB is delighted to partner with this initiative to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of chefs nationwide and to support members of the foodservice industry during these challenging times. Five talented chefs partnered with the NMB to develop contemporary recipes and drive mango flavor innovation. These recipes are a play on the comfort style foods which are currently trending, with added twists on flavor and the incorporation of global cuisines.



Five new mango recipes created by chefs in the Kitchen Collaborative project

Top L to R: Deep fried green mangos, grilled snapper with mango butter

Bottom L to R: Grilled pork and mango churrasco style, pan seared cod with mango gastrique, Indonesian spicy mango pork skewers

According to the latest research from Datassential shared in a recent NMB webinar, mangos have increased 16% on menus within the past four years and are projected to grow another 10% in the next four years. As consumers increasingly gravitate toward global cuisines, interest in mangos is likely to grow and the NMB is continuing to inspire menu development teams and invest in education and support to drive mango innovation in the foodservice sector.

“Kitchen Collaborative is a nod to the resilience and comradery that the foodservice industry shows us time and time again. The collaboration and willingness of the chefs to participate in this initiative has been astounding and inspiring”, stated Angela Serna, Marketing Manager at the NMB. “We continue to see tremendous growth of the mango category in the foodservice sector and look forward to new innovative and flavorful preparations of mango by talented chefs.”

Learn more and get the recipes here.

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