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Chef’s Roll is a global culinary community where professional chefs meet to share ideas and to get inspired through food. Chef’s Roll functions as a peer-to-peer network for working professional cooks, chefs and foodservice decision makers. This highly specialized community has a unique influence, access and credibility within the foodservice marketplace. Check out these inspirational dishes created in collaboration with Chef’s Roll for innovative ways to add mango to your menu.

Culinary Inspiration

Watch Chef Mikel Anthony make sushi stuffed with mango, shrimp tempura, surimi, and avocado served with a mango sauce.

Check out how Chef Anthony creates compressed mango and pork belly with a wood-fire roasted mango glaze.

Chef Anthony makes a mango noodle salad with smoked fish, tomato, cucumber, fish sauce, vinegar, Thai basil, Thai chili, and mint.

Chef Anthony makes seared ahi tuna on a toasted brioche bun, with a fresh mango slaw and a spread of spicy mango jalapeno jam.

Chef Anthony makes chips using mango skin/peel, dusted with cumin and paprika.

Chef Anthony makes a mango sorbet with cheesecake dots, toasted graham cracker, and spiralized mango skin.

Chef Anthony creates mango aguachile noodles with cured shrimp, cilantro, cured baby red onions, and salsa macha.



Ways to cut a mango.

It's not the color, it’s the feel.

Mango Flower

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