Mango Games and Activities

Jango Geography

Want to know more about mangos and fun facts about the countries where they grow? Then you are in the right place! Join Jango Mango on a mango adventure through the Amazon, across oceans and up lush mountains with a fun cast of characters including Miguel the Monkey and Gail the Galapagos Turtle. 

Mango Fun Facts & Quiz

Ready? Set? Go! Learn about Mango Fun Facts and then test your Mango Genius!

Mango Fun Facts
Mango Quiz
Mango Quiz Answers

Mango Geography Poster

Check out the Mango Geography poster. Jango will give you a "taste" of the geography and culture from some of the countries where mangos grow with a vibrant, colorful map of Latin America. After looking at the map test your knowledge with the Mango Map Quiz.

Mango Geography Poster
Mango Geography Quiz

Mango Crossword

Play detective by using the clues provided to complete the crossword!

Mango Crossword
Mango Crossword Key

Mango Word Search

If you have a good eye, then you'll find every word in this bilingual puzzle!

Mango Word Search (bilingual)
Mango Word Search Key

Mango Coloring Sheet

Mangos come in red, green, yellow, orange and maybe even a little pink! Use this coloring sheet to design your own mango.

Mango Coloring Sheet

Mango Masterpiece Activity

For more fun with mangos, this interactive activity taps into your creativity to build your own mango character such as Mango Meow and Ms. Mangomerica.

Mango Masterpiece Activity

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