New Year, Smart Start


Start Your Year Smart with Mango

There’s no time like now to rethink your nutrition. And there’s no fruit like mango to help you do it! From quick snacks and smoothies to tasty meals and treats, mango is a flavorful way to enhance your menu. So your new year diet is anything but dull.

Lots of Flavor. Lots of Benefits

It’s not called a superfruit for nothing. Mango contains more than 20 of the vitamins and minerals you need. And none of the fat, sodium, or cholesterol you don’t. And with its juicy, delicious taste, can you believe mango is only 70 calories per serving?

More Tasty Benefits in Each ¾ Cup Serving

7% of your daily fiber to aid digestion and help you feel full
50% of your daily vitamin C for immune function and brain health
8% of your daily vitamins A & B6 for vision and brain function
15% of your daily folate & copper to help build DNA and red blood cells