10 Mango Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

Fresh fruit plus coconut water. Simply good.

Summer mango recipes - platter of mango berry popsicles

Creamy, dreamy, yummy.

Summer mango recipes - Mango coconut popsicles for summer

Team mango? Team lime? Balance the flavors your way!

Summer mango recipes -Homemade mango lime popsicles for summer

A sweet treat without the guilt.

Summer mango recipes - Chocolate dipped mango sparklers for summer

Mango, honey and yogurt. Just add your favorite toppings.

Summer mango recipes - Platter of frozen yogurt dipped mango for summer

Cold and bursting with flavor. Absolutely delicious.

Summer mango recipes - Bowls of mango sorbet for summer

An icy Mexican treat with chamoy sauce and the zing of Tajín.

Summer mango recipes - Mangos and frosty mangonada for summer

Impress your guests with this flavorful summer punch.

Summer mango recipes - Pitcher of mango citrus fruit punch and fruits for summer

Nothing says cool quite like this refreshing drink.

Summer mango recipes - Glass of mango limeade with mango slices and lime

A thirst-quencher with subtle mango flavor.

Summer mango recipes - Two glasses with mango ice cubes for summer