National Caribbean American Heritage Month

With June coming to a close, we can’t forget to celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month! With many mangos imported to the United States from the Caribbean, the islands play an important role in our culture. For a taste of the mango culture and sweeping views of a Puerto Rican mango farm, watch a mango spotlight to put you in the island mood!



Right now, you may even be able to find the Francis mango from Haiti in your local grocery stores. This unique variety is available through June, and is much easier to find on the east coast of the United States. The nearly S-shaped variety grows on small farms, and is known for being rich and sweet with spicy undertones.

Next month, be on the lookout for the Puerto Rican Keitt mangos in their emerald hues. This firm and juicy variety is often enjoyed during its green state. A green mango isn’t at its sweet and soft stage yet, and has the consistency of an apple. They’re perfect for pickling, baking into pies or on their own right off the tree!


Mango Tree Orchard

A mango farm in Puerto Rico


While not available in the United States, the Julie mango is incredibly popular in the Caribbean. From Jamaica to Trinidad and many islands in between, this small, sweet variety is an island favorite.

Even if you’re not able to find mangos from the Caribbean in your grocery store, there are many dishes incorporating mango for a taste of island life!

Caribbean Recipes to Try: