Mango Biche Lemonade Frappe

Takes , serves 2 to 4 servings (6 to 12 oz portions) .

In blender, add all ingredients but the salt and lime circle garnish and blend well. Add more ice if necessary to reach a slushy consistency. Pour into a salt rimmed glass, garnish with lime wheel and serve immediately.

Notes on green mango (mango biche): Mangos are grown to full maturity on the tree before being harvested, and can be used across the ripeness spectrum. A green mango, stage 2-3, is similar in flavor and texture to a freshly picked crisp, tart green apple – in contrast to a ripe mango, stage 4-5, that is sweet and juicy like a ripe peach. For this recipe use a mango at green/firm stage 2-3.  Mangos at the green stage often show more color in the flesh. We recommend using as peeler to remove skin, then carefully cut enough off the stem end to create a base and cut around the seed, starting with removing the cheeks on each side of the seed.  

Mango Biche Lemonade Frappe Recipe | National Mango Board

Mango Biche Lemonade Frappe