Celebrate Mexico

If you’ve ever enjoyed a juicy, ripe mango, you probably have Mexico to thank for it! While mangos are imported from a variety of countries, Mexico is our top importer. And given that today is Día de la Bandera or Flag Day in Mexico, it seemed fitting to celebrate one of our favorite mango-filled countries.

Flag Day began in 1935 when an employee of the Bank of Mexico organized a guard of honor in tribute to their flag. The tradition continued until 1940 when then-President Lázaro Cárdenas declared it an official holiday. Today, Flag Day is a way for Mexican people to celebrate their national flag and the symbols it represents: freedom, justice, and courage.

When it comes to mangos, the superfruit is ingrained in Mexican culture. Vendors sell peeled and ready-to-eat mangos in the streets, and it’s as common in Mexico as apples are in the United States.

Of the six varieties of mangos found in American grocery stores, five of those are grown in Mexico. As you begin to try each variety, check out our mango taco recipe for Mexican inspiration.