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Finally, a fruit worth standing in line for.

On a blustery March day, the super fun superfruit made its Big Apple debut with The Mango Store, a one-day pop-up shop in New York City. SoHo shoppers were delighted to find a store that celebrated all things mango, and learned how to cut mangos, enjoyed mango recipes, while having a ton of fun!

The Mango Store was designed to educate visitors about the six main varieties of mangos and where they are grown, along with how to select and prepare mangos. The experience included mango tastings, live recipe demonstrations by celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and influencer Lauren Magenta and a display of new products featuring mango – which has become one of the most popular flavors of beverages, snacks and condiments. New foods and beverages featuring mango have increased 24% in the last five years. Mango has even made its way into skincare and beauty products.

The delicious mango recipes that guests enjoyed are simple enough for you to recreate at home. Get the full recipes here: