Meet the Mango Industry

Have you ever wondered how your mangos arrived in the grocery store? Since most mangos are grown internationally, the fruit goes on a long journey from the farm to your fork, and there are many people caring for them along the way. Learn more about just four industry members who together have been in the mango biz for nearly 70 years combined!

Mangos have to start somewhere! Most mangos imported into the United States are grown in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Haiti, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico among others. The mango producers take great care in their work to ensure we have the best tasting mangos.

Woman Eating Peeled Mango in Orchard

Jacquie Swett is a mango industry member from Ecuador, where she has been cultivating and exporting this delicious fruit for over 20 years. She enjoys the hands-on experience while working on her farm, and taking in the wonderful and unique aroma of the mango flower. “I really enjoy walking in the middle of the trees and analyzing the different situations that arise in the growing stages,” she said. Jacquie treats her mangos with great love and care, just as someone might treat a child.

Man Standing in Front of Mango Tree

Hailing from the northern city of Piura, Peru, César Morocho is a mango producer with 12 years in the industry. What he values most about being a part of the mango industry is “being close to the field, the producer and witnessing the farm to table journey!”

Once the mangos are grown and picked, it’s up to importers like Michael Warren and Greg Golden to get them out to your local super market.

Man Eating Mango Next to Mango Painting

Michael is a mango importer with Central American Produce, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida. With over 20 years with the industry, he is truly a mango advocate. He says he could spend hours talking about ripening and nutrition, as well as the diversity and culture surrounding mangos. “Every chance I have to spend time with a partner, consumer or a handler is an opportunity. Mango has moved from a tropical fruit to a mainstream item. I am spreading the love one mango at a time!” exclaimed Michael.

Man Holding Mango Produce

Greg has a similar job with Amazon Produce Network in Vineland, New Jersey. Greg has over 15 years in the industry, where he has been growing long-term partnerships with mango growers and customers. He explained that sometimes “Nature, logistics, and the market all throw us curve balls, but through our many strong relationships in the industry, we enjoy the challenge of moving the crop and doing the best job possible for the customers and growers.” He also enjoys building good relationships with competitors, which helps to keep the market healthy. Greg sees the mango industry as a rewarding and friendly industry to be involved in, and we couldn’t agree more!

These are just a few of the people involved in getting mangos to your home. Next time you bite into the juicy fruit, think about the growers, pickers, importers, retailers and more that made it possible.