Mangos in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, the luscious greenery and tropical ambiance provide more than just a dreamy backdrop. It is the mixing bowl of this twin island republic whose cuisine is a blend of India, Africa, Europe, China, the Middle East and Latin America. For Trinis (trih-nees), as they affectionately call one another, mangos are a native fruit that lives in their history, childhood memories, music and daily cuisine.

Mangos in Trinidad and Tobago

At first glance, Trinidad and Tobago’s beautiful scenery provides tropical dreams for many world travelers. The landscape calls to vacationers; white sandy beaches, oceanic blue hues, and long leafy greens poking out from the rich soil. However, deeper in Trinidad, you’ll find more than just a place to vacation, you’ll find a colorful country and welcoming people who are always ready to enjoy life, especially for their annual Carnival! Even in the midst of the bacchanal, they will proudly tell you all about their love for mangos.

Trinis don’t need to be wooed with mango nutrition information, and they don’t need a recipe from Pinterest for inspiration; they simply love mangos. They grow them in backyards, pick them off trees, use them in traditional recipes, and eat them fresh, green or ripe. Simply, their love can’t be defined, outlined, or objectified.

Mango Chow in Trinidad and Tobago 3

Mango Chow with lime, garlic, pepper and shadow benni.

Mangos in Trinidad and Tobago come in over 70 varieties. While the Julie and Starch mango are two of the most popular varieties, most Trinidadians are happy to list their favorites (they do all have a favorite). In food, mangos are used in various forms, Mango Chow is a popular appetizer Trinidadians enjoy on a hot summer night. The recipe includes simply seasoning a half-ripe mango with pepper, salt and chadon beni (a Caribbean herb similar to cilantro).

On the streets, vendors sell the Trini sandwich, doubles, often topped with a mango relish, kuchela, either at breakfast time or late at night. Kuchela is a common chutney Trinis use to complement their savory dishes. Kuchela is made with shredded green mangos, chilies, garlic, masala and mustard oil. Chances are if you find a street cart vendor in Trinidad, you’ll be able to give kuchela a try.

From fresh mango to snacks to condiments, the Trini way of life includes mangos. But to really understand their true love for mangos, you’d have to listen to their popular folk song, Mangoes.

Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes.
Mango vere, mango teen
Mango vere, mango teen
I want ah penny to buy mango vere, mango teen …

Give meh ah penny to buy mango vere mango teen
Mango doo dou sou se matin Savez-vous all for me …