How to Grow Your Own Mango Tree

Do you live in a warmer climate where temperatures rarely go below 40°F? If the answer is “yes,” then you might be the perfect candidate to grow your own mango tree!

Most local gardening or home improvement stores in these types of climates sell small mango trees that you can plant in your backyard. In the late winter or early spring, dig a hole twice as big as the root in an area that receives full sun exposure. You should check that water drains well in the space, since mango trees don’t love to be flooded. Plant your tree, water it frequently and wait for fruit! A new mango tree can take up to three years to form fruit.

Mango Tree Fruit Picker

How to Plant a Mango Seed

If you’re more interested in growing a tree from scratch, buy a fresh mango and save the seed. After splitting the seed, plant it in a large pot about ¼ inch from the surface. Keep your pot warm and moist, and you should have sprouts in about two weeks. For more tips, check out

Most areas in the United States aren’t suitable environments to grow a mango tree, but luckily, with the many different varieties of mango, you can still enjoy the super fruit year-round from your grocery store.