Do Groundhogs Eat Mango?

It’s Groundhog Day! And while we were waiting to find out if we’re stuck with six more weeks of winter or can break out the flip flops early, here at the National Mango Board, we got thinking: do groundhogs eat mango?

It’s hard to say, since groundhogs are native to the central and eastern United States, and mangos need a bit of a warmer climate to flourish. However, groundhogs are considered herbivores, and their diets typically consist of veggies, clover and some fruits, including apples. I can’t speak for the groundhogs, but I’m betting they’d like mango, too.

We think groundhogs would really enjoy these mango spring rolls, if they could get their paws on one! Consisting of fresh mango, cabbage, onion, carrots, cucumbers, and red pepper – these spring rolls sound like a vegetarian, groundhog delight.

Celebrate today by eating like a groundhog!


Image credit: WTNH News