Composting Mangos at Home

This April, we’re going green. All month long, we’ll be offering tips and tricks to help the environment, while adding our tropical mango spin!

After eating your mango, your first instinct is to throw away the peel and seed, right? Even if you’re chowing down on a seed to ensure you get all the juicy goodness, there are still parts of the fruit left behind. But, you don’t have to just toss it all the bin, yet. All those leftovers can be composted! When they break down, those scraps help enrich your gardens, and even grow another mango tree.

Little Girl Eating Whole Mango
If you don’t have a large backyard, you can even create a compost bin that can be kept inside. Just collect up your dead leaves, branches, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and other compostable materials, moisten the dry materials and combine in a pile or bin. Just bury your mango peel and seed in the composting materials, and it will breakdown with everything else.

To speed up the process for the peel, cut it into thin strips before adding. The seed will take a while to completely compost, but just have some patience with it and will breakdown eventually.

By taking the time to compost, you’ll be helping the environment in so many ways! Not only are you reducing food waste, but by enriching the soil, you’re reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

To learn more about creating your own compost pile, check out these tips from the EPA.