If you haven’t heard, fruit is very hip right now. Don’t just take our word! Check out Instagram for inspiration on how you can use a Mango Fruit Plate as a sunny centerpiece for your graduation party spread. These classic mango hedgehogs scream summer fun, while creating a healthy and Instagram-worthy table.


Mango Strawberry Sangria


Graduates come in all ages, and all deserve to be celebrated for their huge accomplishment. If your party is catered toward the younger crowd, stir up a signature mocktail featuring mangos! Our Sparkling Mango Strawberry Sangria recipe does contain alcohol, but leave it out for a refreshing and fruity mocktail that can be enjoyed by all your guests.


Mango Salsa and Tortilla Chips


What’s a party without chips and salsa? Just swap out the tomatoes for a fun twist with this mango salsa recipe. Your taste buds will thank you after your first bite of this sweet and spicy mixture.



For dessert, combine our two favorite things: mango and chocolate! Make these super easy chocolate dipped mango pops to please both fruit fans and chocolate fans. Set out a variety of toppings such as coconut, pistachios or sprinkles in your grad’s school colors, and let your guests choose their favorite to top their pops.

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