Foodservice Marketing

The Foodservice PR & Marketing Program is designed to increase presence and sell-through of mangos at foodservice. This project helps increase mango awareness and education amongst foodservice operators, and chefs. The program supports foodservice mango promotions to increase awareness to the consumer. In addition, the program is design to expand its outreach efforts to include fresh-cut mango.

  • Contact editors to secure editorial placements and to pitch new ideas that reach distributors and operators
  • Monitor menus and publications for media coverage, mango usage and operator leads
  • Update foodservice section of website
  • Distribute bi-monthly press releases that tie into trends, research, nutrition and industry news
  • Attend International Foodservice Editorial Council (IFEC) Annual Conference
    • October 24-26 Raleigh, NC
  • Prepare for and attend one-on-one editor meetings
  • Host editors for dinner at a local restaurant
  • Maintain existing and establish new chain contacts
  • Offer culinary support with direct contact:
    • Customized mango menu concept development
    • Position mango as an on-trend ingredient
    • Educate about handling practices
  • Follow up with brands interested in adding fresh mango to the menu
    • On-site training and menu concept presentation
  • Follow up with brands interested in partnering on menu promotions

Attend CAFÉ 14-Annual Leadership Conference – June 14-16 Milwakee, WI
Attend Marketing Executives Group tradeshow – May 16-18 Chicago, IL
Attend Flavor Experience – August 15-17 New Port Beach, CA


Update Fresh Mango Curriculum

  • Provides continuing education to working chefs
  • Tool utilized by culinary instructors