Spicy Mango Poke on Lotus Root Chips

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    Mango Poke

    1 pound sushi-grade Ahi tuna cleaned and trimmed, ¼ to ½-inch dice
    1 cup diced fresh mango, ¼-inch dice
    .25 ounce sweet onion, minced
    .5 ounce Poke sauce
    ¼ teaspoon ginger root, fine mince
    .25 ounce toasted sesame oil
    1 teaspoon Furikake
    Salt, to taste
    Lotus root chips
    Sriracha sauce, for garnish
    Chive, minced, for garnish

    Lotus Root Chips

    .5 pound lotus root, sliced paper thin
    Oil for frying
    Salt to taste


    Mango Poke

    In a chilled bowl, add all the ingredients except the lotus root chips, chives and sriracha. Do not prep more than 1 hour in advance of service.
    Serve immediately on lotus root chips, about 1 ounce Poke mixture per chip topped with 1 drop of sriracha and ¼ teaspoon minced chive. 

    Lotus Root Chips

    Fry in 350 degree fryer for 1 to 2 minutes until edges start to lightly brown. Transfer chips to a cooling rack, season with salt and allow to cool completely. NOTE: Wonton chips may be used if lotus root is unavailable.

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