Mia Zarlengo

Mia Zarlengo is a registered dietitian, lover of all things food and nutrition, coffee obsessed, recipe developer based in Chicago. She focuses on creating accessible yet healthy recipes, finding simplicity in the kitchen, as well as topics on women’s hormonal health. Her passion for nutrition stems from the time she found out she had an autoimmune thyroid disease in college, and she realized just how much food can impact our well-being. Fast-forward to graduating her Masters program from Loyola Chicago in 2017, and she suddenly was experiencing a hormonal rollercoaster she had never experienced before. She again found healing through food, as well as other health practices, and felt a strong desire to share her journey to help other women. Now, this is where she gathers science-based info, personal experiences, and health-promoting recipes to share. We hope you enjoy gathering with her.

Mia's Featured Recipes