Retail Marketing


The Retail Promotions & Marketing Program is designed to increase awareness, presence and sell-through of mangos at retail. The program accomplishes its objectives by educating retailers on mango handling and merchandising practices, supporting retail promotions for whole and fresh-cut mangos, encouraging retailers to participate in the ripe and ready-to-eat mango ripening program, obtaining retail data and consumer insights, motivating sustainability efforts, and sharing the mango nutrition messaging through customized engagement.


The retail team carries out primary mission, which is to keep mangos top of mind with retailers and provide counsel for the category and industry. They create and sustain relationships with retail and wholesale partners. They develop custom strategies to promote retailer’s growth initiatives and support NMB programs.

  • Design, print, store, fulfill and ship POS materials and training tools
  • Execute quarterly Retail Dietitian initiatives, along with on-going retail programs.
  • Execute Mango University program and related activities, including diplomas and reward for completion
  • Blast monthly Mango Mover e-newsletter to retailers
  • Coordinate Mango Mania Display Contest – open to all retailers
  • Fulfill Mango Retailer of the Year program and secure associated prizes

These shows offer great opportunities to see retailers in a more relaxed setting, closer to their own “home base.”

  • Exhibit/sponsor at Southeast Produce Council Expo – March 7-9, 2019
  • Exhibit/sponsor at Viva Fresh Produce Show - April 25-27, 2019
  • Exhibit/sponsor at West Coast Expo - May 9-10, 2019, Palm Desert, CA
  • Exhibit at New England Produce Council Expo - September 18-19, Boston, MA
  • Attend PMA - October 17-19, 2019, Anaheim, CA
  • Exhibit at New York Produce Show – December 10-13, 2019, New York, NY

Funds are allocated to be used as incentives to help retailers promote mangos more often and more effectively. Promotions are planned with large and mid-sized retailers.

  • Customized regular retail promotions including:
      • Mango display bins
      • Display or sales contests
      • Coupon programs
      • How to cut, nutrition, recipe and other consumer education in the ad
      • Mango feature in consumer newsletter or magazine
      • Demo events (with partners when possible)
      • Mango ad or volume challenge
      • Wholesaler food show or retail training opportunity
    • Allocate fresh-cut mango promotions to retailers throughout the year
    • Reserve market response promotions to be invested in a market emergency situation
      • Funds will be targeted to retailers that can act quickly and can move high volumes of mangos
      • Decision to trigger market response funds to be made by the Executive Committee of the NMB
      • Typical market response promotion would be an in-store special and secondary display
      • Up to 50% of the fund may be used for the first market emergency situation
    • Report on annual performance benchmark
    • Extract quarterly data
    • Communicate quarterly regional and account data
    • Report on bi-annual fruit and fresh cut rankings
    • Report on annual mango market index
    • Shrink study
    • Deliver detailed information about retail mango ads nationwide
    • Provide back up for allocation funding
    • Resource to better understand the ad landscape and share with retail partners to increase mango promotion.