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Orlando, FL (July 2013)—Fresh mango can be enjoyed at all points along the ripeness spectrum, from green to very ripe, making versatility one of the mangos most value-added qualities. Although mangos are harvested when mature, they are not yet ripe. So it’s important to order fresh mangos based on desired ripeness or your operation’s


The Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences published research linking mango consumption to a better diet quality and nutrition intake in adults and children. This research, funded in part by the National Mango Board (NMB), suggests that consumption of mangos in adults is not only associated with an overall better diet, higher intake of whole


Brand new for 2013, the National Mango Board (NMB) produced high graphic, freestanding Mango Display Bins to be placed in participating retail stores nationally. More than 6,000 produce departments will use the displays to educate consumers about mangos and many have already shared positive results and outstanding feedback.


Orlando, FL (May 2013)—Today’s customers thirst for flavors that enhance classic and contemporary drinks alike, and they favor fresh ingredients with a dash of nutrition. So, when planning beverage menus, consider fresh mango as a flavorful, exotic medium for delivering both pleasing taste and vital nutrients. Mangos are an excellent source


The National Mango Board (NMB) is calling on mango shippers for their help to encourage small retailers to participate in their third annual Mango Mania Display Contest throughout the month of July. The contest is designed specifically for individual stores or small chains with up to 50 stores to help boost their mango sales, all while showcasing their

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