Board Member Nominations

National Mango Board 2015 Nominations

The NMB is made up of mango importers, a first handler, domestic producers and foreign producers who dedicate themselves to the mission, goals and objectives of the NMB. These board members work closely with the NMB staff to carry out marketing, research and industry relations programs to benefit the mango industry.  

Diversity Statement

The NMB encourages industry members without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, size of business/operation, and marital or family status or other basis protected by U.S. law to participate in NMB activities and seek a position on the NMB.

Nominations Update

The nominations packets have been assembled and sent to the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Secretary makes the final decision on all Board Member appointments. Based on our experience from previous years, the appointments may be announced between November 2015 and February 2016. 
Questions about the nominations and appointment process can be directed to Anna Dechamps-Polonia at or by phone at 407-629-7318 x112.

Nominations Process

When nominations are open, the NMB staff will post details on this website, include them in our Mango Connection industry newsletter, and provide the information to industry associations and trade media in the affected area.
For each type of position, the process is slightly different. What they have in common is that the industry and the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture each have a role in selecting the individuals who will serve. The NMB staff does not have any role or influence over these decisions.
These are simplified descriptions meant to provide an overview of the process. If you would like to see the detailed nominations process, please contact us.

Board Positions


Importer Positions 

According to the Information Order, in order to be eligible to serve on the Board as an importer, a person must import 500,000 or more pounds of mangos into the U.S. in a calendar year as a principal or as an agent, broker, or consignee of any person who produces or handles mangos outside of the U.S., and who is listed by the Customs and Border Protection of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as the importer of record. As a mango importer, you qualify to nominate yourself or someone else for the importer positions on the board in the forthcoming election.


First Handler Position

According to the Information Order, in order to be eligible to serve on the Board as a first handler a person (excluding a common or contract carrier) must be engaged in receiving 500,000 or more pounds of mangos from producers in a calendar year and who as owner, agent, or otherwise ships or causes mangos to be shipped as specified in this Order. This definition includes those engaged in the business of buying, selling and/or offering for sale; receiving; packing; grading; marketing; or distributing mangos in commercial quantities. The term first handler includes a producer who handles or markets mangos of the producer's own production. 

Domestic Producer Position

According to the Information Order, in order to be eligible to serve on the Board as a domestic producer a person must be engaged in the production and sale of mangos in the United States and who owns, or shares the ownership and risk of loss of, the crop or a person who is engaged in the business of producing, or causing to be produced, mangos beyond the person's own family use and having value at first point of sale to the United States.

Foreign Producer Positions

According to the Information Order, in order to be eligible to serve on the Board as a foreign producer, a person must be engaged in the production and sale of mangos outside of the United States and own, or share the ownership and risk of loss of the crop for sale in the U.S. market or is engaged, outside of the United States, in the business of producing, or causing to be produced, mangos beyond the person’s own family use and having value at first point of sale to the United States.

National Mango Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

1. Understand and comply with the Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996 (Act), the Mango Promotion, Research, and Information Order (Order), rules and regulations, and USDA guidelines.

2. Be dedicated to the mission, goals, and objectives of the Mango Board (Board).  Represent the members of the mango industry.

a.    Act as ambassador of the NMB

b.    Speak on behalf of the NMB

c.     Represent NMB to peers

3. Serve the industry impartially, making decisions based on the welfare of the industry as a whole rather than on personal or business considerations.  To ensure fair and equal treatment of all industry peers in market promotion and research programs.

4. Regularly attend the Mango Board meetings and come prepared to discuss the issues and business to be addressed. 

5. Select Board officers, committees, and subcommittees at the start of each fiscal period or at other appropriate times.

6. Appoint an executive committee and delegate authority to administer duties under Board direction and within Board policies.

7. Develop Board policies, bylaws and procedures for approval by USDA for Board implementation, and recommend amendments to rules and regulations under the Order, as necessary.

8. Ensure staff compliance with the Act, Order, rules and regulations, bylaws, Board policies and procedures, and USDA policies.

9. Develop programs and projects to carry out the mission of the Board (use a fiscal year marketing plan) and forward to USDA for approval prior to implementation.  Enter into contracts or agreements to develop and carry out approved programs and projects.  Secure USDA approval prior to implementation of contracts and agreements.

10. Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by performing the following:  recommend an assessment rate; prepare fiscal budgets; amend budgets as necessary; set a reserve; ensure that the staff issues monthly financial reports and accurate records of Board actions and transactions; ensure that the books of the board are audited each fiscal year; and evaluate the effectiveness of all programs and projects to assure wise stewardship of industry funds.

11. Ensure efficient and timely enforcement of the Act and Order by staff; ensure identification, investigation/audit of violators and the complete documentation of cases and a timely referral of compliance cases to USDA.

12. Assist in securing qualified candidates for membership on the Board.

13. Promote industry unity.  Advise the industry of the Board’s mission, goals, objectives, projects and programs.  Support the programs, projects, and actions of the Board outside of its meetings.

14. Maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct when representing the Board.  Avoid conflicts of interest and appearances of conflicts of interest.

15. Make decisions for the good of the entire industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nominations

What is the deadline for submitting nominations? 

All nominations are currently closd

What areas include the NMB Importer Districts?

​Click here for the areas that represent the U.S. Customs Districts.

How is the process for domestic producers and importers going to be conducted?

  • NMB staff will send nomination packets to all known eligible importers in District III.
  • After receiving nominations from industry members, NMB staff will send mail ballots, listing the candidates in alphabetical order.
  • For each position, the nominee who receives the highest number of votes and the nominee who receives the second highest number of votes will be the nominees to be submitted to the Secretary and in this order, i.e. in the current nominations, a total of 2 names will be submitted for the importer position.
  • NMB staff will send background forms to these nominees.
  • NMB staff will submit the number of votes and Background Information forms for each candidate to the Secretary. Out of the nominees’ names submitted for each position, the Secretary will appoint the NMB member, i.e. in the current nominations, one importer for District III.

Who is eligible to be nominated or to vote for domestic producers, first handlers, and importers?

All known eligible importers who imported 500,000 pounds or more of fresh mangos into the United States in the last calendar year.

Can a company that has office locations in different Districts submit nominees for each of the Districts?


Can a company that has an office location in only one District submit more than one nominee?


In the instances an industry member performs multiple tasks, for example, domestic producer, first handler and importer, can this industry member be nominated for all the three (3) categories?

Yes, they can nominate themselves and/or be nominated by their peers to all three (3) categories if they meet the eligibility requirements.

How is voting for domestic producer, first handlers, and importers going to be made?

Voting will be made by mail ballot.

Can a company that has office locations in different Districts vote in each District?

Yes. For example, if a company operates in both District III and District IV, the company may cast votes for both District III and District IV if seats are available.

How is the process for foreign producers going to be conducted?

  • Foreign producers can nominate themselves or be nominated by a Foreign Mango Organization (FMO).
  • NMB staff will solicit the names of nominees from known FMOs of the major mango producing countries exporting to the U.S.
  • FMOs of each country may submit two nominees’ names for each foreign producer position open, i.e. in the current nominations each organization may submit six nominees’ names.
  • NMB staff will also send a press release to the FMOs and ask them to send it out to the media.
  • NMB staff will submit the names of all candidates to the Secretary.
  • Out of the candidates submitted, the Secretary will appoint three NMB members.


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