2023 Mango Retailer of the Year: Weis Markets

Produce Trade | 10/25/2023

2023 Mango Retailer of the Year: Weis Markets

Orlando, Florida (October 25, 2023)

The National Mango Board announced that Weis Markets has been selected as its Mango Retailer of the Year. This prestigious award was presented Oct. 12 on site at the chain’s flagship location in Selinsgrove, PA, and celebrates Weis Markets’ exceptional dedication to providing consumers with the freshest and highest-quality mangos, as well as its outstanding contributions to the mango industry.

Representing the National Mango Board at the Mango Retailer of the Year presentation Oct. 12 in Selinsgrove, PA, were Ramon Ojeda, executive director; Meg Buchsbaum, retail account manager; and Dan Spellman, director of marketing.

Weis Markets’ commitment to providing the highest quality mangos extends beyond the chain’s produce departments. The company has been at the forefront of initiatives to educate consumers through in-store signage, recipe ideas and digital content that showcase the versatility and nutritional value of mangos.

“Weis Markets has consistently demonstrated leadership in mango promotion and has emphasized the nutritional value of mangos,” said Ramon Ojeda, executive director of the National Mango Board. “Their unwavering dedication to providing the best mangos to their customers sets a remarkable industry example. We are delighted to bestow the Retailer of the Year honor upon Weis Markets.”

As Mango Retailer of the Year, Weis Markets will receive special recognition from the National Mango Board, including a commemorative plaque and the opportunity to collaborate on mango-related promotional activities throughout the year.

Weis Markets said it looks forward to continuing its partnership with the National Mango Board to spread the joy of fresh, delectable mangos to communities across the nation.

Meg Buchsbaum, retail account manager for the National Mango Board, said of Weis, “Their enthusiasm and hard work has been shown through every produce team member. It was a pleasure to work with them on a year-long strategy to increase mango awareness and consumption.”

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