2022 Mango Retailer of the Year: Kroger

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Produce Trade | 10/22/2019

2022 Mango Retailer of the Year: Kroger

Orlando, Florida (October 14, 2021) – The National Mango Board (NMB) has announced The Kroger Co. as its recipient of the 2022 Mango Retailer of the Year award (Click here to watch announcement). Kroger has been selected from more than 100 retailers across the United States that work alongside the NMB in promoting the consumption of mango. Kroger and their Family of Companies has fundamentally changed their U.S. mango business model over the past several years and their willingness to identify mango as an opportunity item has allowed mangos to flourish, positively impacting the entire mango industry.

The creation of a dual-sized program, carrying multiple mango varieties, establishing priority mango positioning away from the exotic set, and the adoption of ripe and ready mango practices have allowed mangos to achieve strong double-digit sales growth for several years. Kroger’s aggressive year-round promotion and pricing strategy, coupled with consistent chain wide ad support for mangos has proven to be an extremely effective strategy for continued year-round customer engagement.

The NMB is grateful for Kroger’s consistent support to move more mango and is proud to present them with 2022 Retailer of the Year Award.

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