Back To School

nutritious mangos in a bowlnutritious mangos in a bowl

7 Tips for Back-to-School Success

  • Get Organized

    Plan by organizing your calendar with relevant back-to-school dates from meet-the-teacher appointments to purchasing uniforms or school clothes. Create a list of all the supplies each of your kids will need. Don’t forget a shopping list for back-to-school lunches and snacks. Be sure to add mango to your grocery list for a nutritious and flavorful addition to everyday meals & afterschool treats.

  • Re-establish Routines

    Adequate sleep is essential to learning and maintaining a positive outlook. Start shifting back to pre-summer bedtimes a couple of weeks before school starts. The same goes for meals. It’s easy for summer mealtimes to be more relaxed. Now that school is back in session, it’s helpful to stick to a routine. Plus, you learn better when you’ve eaten a nutritious breakfast. Make mango a part of it!

  • Stock Up on Supplies

    Reduce your stress by buying all your relevant school supplies early. Get your kids invested in the process by letting them select their own pencils, pens, notebooks and more. Be sure to also add the basics for craft projects such as poster board, glitter, glue, tape, paint and popsicle sticks to avoid last-minute runs to the store the night before something is due. Trust, we’ve all been there.

  • Meal Prep Hacks

    The more you can prep ahead of time the better. Pick snacks and meals that can be made in advance. Chop and cut ingredients that can easily stay refrigerated for easy assembly when you’re ready. Check out these irresistible and nutritious mango recipes your kids will love:

Easy After-School Snacks

Enjoy these easy-to-make and delicious back to school treats.

Dip your spoon into this tasty afterschool treat.

Super versatile and easy to store (mason jars, Bento boxes, lunchbox or plastic baggie) this is the perfect grab-and-go snack.

Easy Breakfast Recipes

Make breakfast enticing and nutritious with these go-to recipes.

Enjoy the mix of mango & raspberry in this delightful muffin.

Bite into the creamy deliciousness of mango with almond butter.

Easy Mango-Inspired Lunch & Dinners

Add mango bursting with flavor to your lunches and dinners.

Elevate your taco night with yummy mango goodness.

Savor a new twist on chicken dinner with fresh mango salsa.

Make mango the perfect complement to delicious salmon.

  • Be Mindful

    Starting a new school year can bring up worries and fears for your kids. First day jitters are normal with the pressure of a new schedule, making friends and meeting new teachers. Take them out for fun treat or activity. While you’re together gently encourage them to express their concerns. Giving your kids the space to share their feelings can help reduce the overall stress of starting a new year.

  • Make it Fun!

    Getting back into the swing of things can be tricky. Here are some fun ideas to make it go smoother: host a back-to-school get together for friends & classmates, encourage your kids to create a playlist of their favorite music for car rides to and from school or plan a Friday movie night for the first week back. Make it memorable with a whimsical mango dessert like Into the Wild Kebabs.

  • Celebrate Success

    Encourage your kids to share their “wins” no matter if they are big or small. Making a new friend, participating in class, finding their way around a new school – it’s all worth praising. Training your kids to see the good in their days gives them a positive mindset.