The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas’ (FPAA) mango division begins promoting mangos. FPAA focuses on educating retailers on handing practices, and sampling and cutting instructions for consumers.


FPAA shares the results of the initial outreach at an international mango meeting in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Significant interest is received encouraging FPAA to host a larger industry meeting during the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Expo.

FPAA hosts an industry forum to discuss market conditions and the necessity for a mango promotional program. With guidance from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the industry identifies a Research and Promotion program as a viable solution to achieve the goals of the industry.


FPAA and mango industry members negotiate details of the desired board representation and seat allocation. Regions and districts are established along with initial budgets, assessment rate, and minimum volumes required for participation on the board. 

FPAA and a mango committee comprised of industry members, draft and prepare the application, bylaws, and proposed regulations for submission to USDA. 

FPAA conducts a non-binding industry referendum to collect data and gauge industry support. A formal proposal is submitted to USDA to establish the mango promotion board.


USDA publishes the initial proposed rule in the Federal Register and opens comment period on August 26, 2002. The comment period ends on October 25, 2002.


On October 9, 2003, a second proposed rule and a referendum notice are published in the Federal Register. A referendum is conducted and passes with a 77% mango industry support.


The Board is formally established on November 3, 2004. 


Collection of assessments begin and programs are drafted. The first board meeting takes place in Washington, D.C. – Chuck Ciruli, Jr. is selected as first chairman.