Ceviche de Mango

    Servings: 4
    PREP TIME: |Cook Time:
    Recipe Categories: Main Dish


    1 lb Red Snapper
    20 Limes
    ½ lb Scallops 
    1 ripe Mango
    ¼ Red Onion, sliced thin
    3 Serrano Chile Peppers, sliced thin
    1 bunch Cilantro, chopped fine
    1 Jicama, sliced thin 


    Cut the red snapper into small cubes. Squeeze the limes over the snapper and let marinate for about 45 minutes, stirring once after the first 15 minutes.

    Slice the mango very thin, then chop into small cubes.  
    Discard most of the lime juice from the snapper. Slice the scallops into thin slices and add to the snapper. Add the mango cubes, red onion, serrano chile peppers, cilantro, and jicama to the dish. Toss gently to mix and season with salt.  Portion into four bowls and serve with crispy corn tortilla chips.
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