Indonesian Spicy Mango Pork Skewers For Home Chefs

Takes , serves 8-10 skewers.

Indonesian Marinade:

Combine ingredients for marinade in a large container and add cubed pork loin. Cover and refrigerate 2-4 hours.


Mango Pork Skewers*:

Pre-heat grill to medium high. Depending on skewer length, alternate equal amounts of each ingredient, leaving enough room in between for even cooking. Place skewers on heated grill, carefully turning to grill all sides. Cook until pork reaches 145-160°F, 10-15 minutes. Serve on or off the skewers.


*If using wooden bamboo skewers, soak them a minimum of 30 minutes or overnight to prevent them from burning while grilling.


Recipe courtesy of Chef Farley Kaiser, Wawa

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