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Research shows that the main barrier to mango purchase is lack of knowledge. If shoppers don’t know how to select, ripen, cut and use mangos at home, they won’t put mangos in their baskets. The point of sale (POS) materials from the National Mango Board are designed to leap past these barriers, educate consumers and increase mango sales at retail. Whether you want to teach how to cut, show how to judge mango ripeness or share an easy recipe with a tearpad, there’s a colorful POS option to suit your needs.

Click here to place your POS order or use the printable form in the downloads section below to request materials. Please place your order at least 10 business days before you need the materials at your door. This helps minimize shipping and fulfillment costs, so more POS materials can be available to you. Please order only what you can realistically use at one time. The NMB is happy to send follow up shipments when more POS is needed. Click here to place your POS order

Selection Cutting and Nutrition POS

Recipe POS

Training and Back Room Pieces 

Use of POS Designs

The National Mango Board POS designs, and the graphic look, including the mango logo font, color palette and layered curves design can only be used in pieces that are fully designed and executed by the National Mango Board. All of these pieces have the copyright language built into the designs already. An example of the NMB graphic look is the blue and yellow layered curve used on our POS designs. 

Any person or organization wishing to use an NMB designed piece with any alterations should contact the NMB for more information. NMB approval will be required in this case.

An example of this is a retailer wishing to use an NMB header card design, but with the inclusion of their own logo. In this and similar cases, the retailer would need to submit the altered design to the NMB for approval prior to printing the header card. Click here to place your POS order


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