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Volume 6 | Issue 10 | October 2011
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Greetings Mango Industry,

Thanks for attending the mango reception co-hosted by the National Mango Board (NMB) and the Fresh Produce Association of Americas (FPAA) at the PMA Fresh Summit on October 15. By far this event had the best turnout and the most positive feedback we’ve ever seen. Approximately 250 to 300 mango producers, suppliers and marketers attended and made the event a smashing success. We appreciate your support.

The highlight of the event was a sneak preview of the NMB’s dynamic new website at Since the website was first launched in 2006, the volume of information housed on it has increased dramatically. Meanwhile, we have seen technology evolve to give us more (and smarter) ways to share information with visitors. Our desire to ensure that each visitor would have easy access to right kind of information drove the design and development process for the new website. If you haven’t seen the new site, please take a moment to visit.

You’ll find that the new site makes it much easier for you to evaluate our progress. Are you interested in knowing how many mango demo events the NMB has funded this year? Can you guess which magazine or which food blogger provided the most coverage during the 2011 season? Do you want to know how many locations were impacted by the NMB’s foodservice promotions? All of this and much, much more is available on the new website.

Consumers, retailers, foodservice and nutrition professionals will also find exactly what they need to know about mangos on the new site. To help them get there, I encourage you to use the “” web address on your marketing materials (boxes, POS, brochures, etc) to help educate your customers and sell more mangos.

We heard you, when you told us you wanted a simple, easy to navigate site packed with useful information. We think you’ll find what you are looking for at Please take a cruise on the site and let us know what you think.

William Watson, NMB executive director

  New Website Launches!

The brand new website goes live today for the entire world to enjoy. The new site features a clean, crisp design and easy navigation options. Each audience, including consumers, mango industry, retailers, foodservice, nutrition professionals and the media will see a special website built just for their needs. Click on the very top line to choose which version of the site you want to visit. Large, descriptive drop-down menus will help visitors navigate the site and find exactly what they need.

New social media and sharing options bring Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus into the experience. And users can submit recipes, share with their friends and save their favorite mango recipes to their own virtual recipe box.

The sections devoted to marketing information, improving mango quality and helping your business are the centerpiece of the mango industry version of the site. And for our retail partners, the sections focused on planning and buying, merchandising and handling, and promotion provide all the tools they need to boost their mango business.

The entire process of re-developing the website started with the end users in mind. Every decision was filtered through the eyes of our visitors to ensure that the structure and navigation would be intuitive and easy to use. We hope you’ll enjoy the new site, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

  Updated Results for NMB Consumer, Foodservice and
  Produce Trade Media Programs

Marketing program results for 3rd quarter have been posted as the NMB continues to connect with consumers, the foodservice industry and the produce industry.

Through September, the NMB reached U.S. consumers with mango messages more than 733 million times. The NMB works closely with writers, editors and producers to get mangos in magazines, newspapers, on websites and on TV throughout the year and across the country. By getting non-paid coverage for mangos, rather than buying traditional advertising, the NMB is able to multiply the industry’s investment many times over, and stretch the limited budget to the max.

Meanwhile, the NMB’s foodservice media program reached culinary decision-makers more than 3.6 million times. A brand new component of the foodservice report shows that NMB funded promotions in 1,580 locations increased mango movement by 132%.

Click here for the Q3 Consumer Results

Click here for the Q3 Foodservice Results

Click here for the Q3 Produce Trade Media Results

  National Mango Board In The News

Perishable News, September 27, Winners announced for Mango Mania Display Contest

Fresh Plaza, September 29, NMB and FPAA to host mango industry reception during PMA Fresh Summit

The Packer Online, September 30, Produce peps up dreary holidays

The Packer Online, October 3, Mango Board gears up for Fresh Summit 2011

Fresh Plaza, October 11, Megan McKenna to become director of marketing

Fruit Net, October 11, NMB names marketing director

The Produce News Online, October 11, National Mango Board to promote Megan McKenna to director of marketing

Fresh Plaza, October 13, Mango exports to the United States Analysis

The Packer Online, October 14, Mango board rearranges marketing staff

The Produce News, October 17, Megan McKenna to head marketing at National Mango Board

The Produce News, October 17, NMB and FPAA to host mango industry reception during PMA Fresh Summit

Perishable News, October 19, Produce Industry Honors Pink Ribbon Produce Creator Wendy McManus

  Consumer Research Results

Each month, a panel of consumers is surveyed on behalf of the NMB as part of our ongoing consumer research project. We use this valuable information to help shape future initiatives and gauge the effectiveness of the NMB’s marketing programs.

The report includes monthly data about total mango purchases for at-home consumption, market penetration, number of mangos purchased per household and prices paid.

Consumer Research Report with data from March 2008 to August 2011.

Consumer Research Project Overview with objective and survey parameters.

  Mango Crop Report

The Mango Crop Report is updated every 7 to 14 days with information pertaining to the countries that are currently shipping mangos or will begin shipping soon to the U.S.

Click here for the latest Mango Crop Report.

Recently, the Mango Crop Report was redesigned to provide more information in a format that is easy to digest. A one-page summary of the current crop situation and trends is now included as a cover page. Any information that is new or changed that week appears in bold text. We look forward to hearing your feedback about this improvement.

Visit the Mango Crop Report Application for direct access to the USDA Market News database with historical volume and FOB pricing reports based your specific search parameters.

You can also visit to see the most recent Mango Crop Report, access the Mango Crop Report Application and to sign up to receive an alert email each time the Crop Report is updated.

Please note - if you visit the Crop Report frequently, you might need to refresh or reload your page to see the newest version.

  Nominations Update

The nominations packets have been assembled and sent to the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Secretary makes the final decision on all board member appointments. Based on our experience from previous years, the appointments may be announced between November 2011 and February 2012. Click here to see a list of the nominees from which the Secretary will choose.

  Industry Webinar

The NMB will host an online webinar for the mango industry on Thursday December 1 at 4:00 p.m. EST. The webinar will provide a guided tour of the new website while highlighting results of the NMB’s research and marketing programs. A link to the webinar registration page will be posted in the calendar section of as soon as it is available.

  Outreach Meetings and Extension Workshops

On October 15, the NMB hosted the Mango Industry Reception at PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. And on October 28 and 29, an Outreach Meeting and Research Extension Workshop were held in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

On November 3, an Outreach Meeting will take place in Piura, Peru. On December 8 an Outreach Meeting and Research Extension Workshop will be held in Retalhuleu, Guatemala.

The outreach meetings are designed to share information about marketing, research and industry relations programs developed by the National Mango Board to serve the mango industry. The research extension workshops bring mango research experts into production regions to help local producers, packers and exporters identify ways to improve mango quality.

Please see the calendar section of for detailed information about these upcoming events.

  Next Board Meeting

The NMB's next board meeting is scheduled for November 14 - 16 in Orlando, FL. Detailed information is posted in the calendar section of

  NMB Diversity Statement

The NMB encourages industry members without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, size of business/operation, and marital or family status or other basis protected by U.S. law to participate in NMB activities and seek a position on the NMB.

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