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Volume 5 | Issue 10 | October 2010
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Greetings Mango Industry,

Thank you for your show of support. Over two hundred mango experts from all over the world attended this year’s mango industry reception at PMA’s Fresh Summit in Orlando. Attendees included producers, packers and exporters from many different countries as well as importers, brokers, wholesalers, retailers and researchers from the U.S. The reception is clearly a great opportunity for anyone to see how diverse the mango industry really is.

In addition to seeing old friends and meeting new ones, attendees saw a short summary of recent program results and learned more about the proposed assessment increase. The results of a survey taken to measure support for the proposal will be published soon. Look for those results and more details about the proposed assessment increase in an upcoming edition of the Mango Connection.

Fresh Summit was another great success this year. More than 18,000 produce industry professionals from 58 countries came together for the show in Orlando, FL. I encourage you to make plans for their 2011 PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, GA.

The NMB’s Annual Meeting will take place November 16-18 in Orlando. Our doors are always open to you, so feel free to attend. Please check the calendar section to learn more.

William Watson, Executive Director

 2010 Media Results

NMB’s consumer marketing program is steaming ahead at full speed. Through September, our media programs have reach U.S. consumers nearly 570 million times. The National Mango Board is responsible for mango coverage that appeared in Real Simple, Everyday Food, Cooking Light, Fitness, Better Homes & Gardens, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Health, Woman’s Day, Bon Appetit, Food Network Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal and Martha Stewart Living, plus many more. Take a moment to scan the third quarter Consumer Media Results Tracker to see for yourself. You’ll notice that the coverage was strong right from the start, which is a sign that the editors of these publications are listening when we promote the year-round mango supply. By constantly keeping mangos in newspapers and magazines, on TV, and on the internet, we increase the likelihood that a consumer will think of mangos and purchase them on her next trip to the grocery story.

On the foodservice media front, we’ve reached the decision makers who read the foodservice trade media about 2.5 million times through September. See all the details on our third quarter Foodservice Media Results Tracker. These publications, including Flavor & The Menu, Plate, Restaurant Business, National Culinary Review, Foodservice Director and Dietary Manager, are read by chefs, menu developers and restaurant operators to stay up to date on trends in their industry. Having mangos in these publications helps keep our fruit top-of-mind and can inspire a mango menu item.

In the next issue of the Mango Connection, look for an updated retail promotion report and the produce trade media results tracker.

  National Mango Board In The News

Progressive Grocer, September, Mango Madness

Produce News, September 20, Anticipated mango import volumes get mixed review

Produce News, September 20, Mango board undertaking many fall marketing efforts

Contacto Digital, September 22, La National Mango Board Revela Aplicación para la Informe sobre la cosecha (National Mango Board Unveils Crop Report Application)

Fresh Plaza, October 6, National Mango Board to host reception at PMA

The Packer Online, October 6, PMA meeting to discuss increasing mango assessments

PMA Headline News, October 6, PMA meeting to discuss increasing mango assessments

Produce News Online, October 11, NMB to host reception at PMA

  Mango Crop Report

In June, the NMB unveiled a brand new Mango Crop Report Application, which provides direct access to the USDA Market News database and generates historical volume or f.o.b. pricing reports based your specific search parameters. First, choose your date range with the option to go all the way back to January 2005. Next, choose your source countries and entry ports. In just minutes, you can generate a report with as much or as little detail as you need, and you can export that data to an Excel file with one click. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Mango Crop Report is updated every 7 to 14 days with information pertaining to the countries that are currently shipping mangos or will begin shipping soon to the U.S.

Click here for the latest Mango Crop Report.

You can also visit to see the most recent Mango Crop Report and to sign up to receive an alert email each time the document is updated.

Please note - if you visit the crop report frequently, you might find that you need to refresh your page to see the newest crop report. This is because the older version is saved your computer’s cache. A click on “refresh page” or “reload page” should bring up the newest crop report document.

  Nominations Update

Appointment to serve as a National Mango Board Member happens in two stages. First, the industry chooses its nominees. Next, the Secretary of Agriculture at USDA appoints the members from amongst the nominees. Click here for a list of the nominees that were selected by the industry this spring and submitted to USDA in July. The NMB will notify the industry as soon as the Secretary of Agriculture makes the final decisions.

  Virtual Industry Outreach Meeting Update

The NMB has hosted three virtual industry outreach meetings so far in 2010. The March event was an overview of NMB programs. In June, we focused on research programs. The most recent event, which took place in September, was a deep dive into NMB marketing programs.

You can watch any of these presentations, complete with audio recording, on our website. Please click here to view the events.

Our final virtual outreach meeting for 2010 will take place on December 1st at 4:00 p.m. EST. It will focus on the proposed assessment increase, and what this change will mean to the mango industry. Click here to register for this event.

  Outreach Meetings Update

The National Mango Board met with mango industry members at the Mango Industry Reception at PMA Fresh Summit on October 16th. The next industry outreach meeting will be in Piura, Peru on November 5th, 2010. These meetings are designed to share information about marketing, research and industry relations programs developed by the National Mango Board to serve the mango industry. Detailed information is posted in the calendar section of

  Next Board Meeting

The NMB’s next board meeting will take place in Orlando, Florida on November 16th, 17th and 18th. Details are posted in the calendar section.

  NMB Diversity Statement

The NMB encourages industry members without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, size of business/operation, and marital or family status or other basis protected by U.S. law to participate in NMB activities and seek a position on the NMB.

National Mango Board