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Volume 5 | Issue 4 | April 2010
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Greetings Mango Industry,

If you've been reading the produce trade media, you already know that the first continuation referendum on the National Mango Board (NMB) was recently conducted by USDA, with 73% of the votes cast in favor of continuing the program. The staff and board members of the National Mango Board would like to thank you for this show of support. By voting to continue the program, you've shown that you believe our efforts can make a difference. Although we have made a lot of solid progress, we know there is much, much more work to do. Like you, we believe mangos offer consumers an incredibly unique eating experience while giving retailers and foodservice professionals a product that can set them apart from their competitors. To us, the mango industry is like an extended family with branches in several different countries. We appreciate your support. Thanks.

Our annual nominations process is in full swing. If you'd like to nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the NMB, please visit so you can get all the details and meet the May 11 deadline. Your input is critical to maintaining our progress, and getting involved in the nomination process increases your chance of directly influencing the steps the National Mango Board takes in the future. If you still have questions after visiting the website, just give us a call or send an email. We're here to make this process as simple as possible.

William Watson, Executive Director

 Mango Maturity & Ripeness Guide to be Released in
 Early May

Retailers and mango industry members have been asking the NMB to create an educational tool that could help the retail quality assurance teams do a better job receiving mangos. They were asking for a tool that could help with evaluating mango maturity and ripeness at the receiving point. In 2009, the NMB took on the challenge of identifying which measurements could be included in the guide and gathering the variety-specific data for each measurement.

The result is the new Mango Maturity & Ripeness Guide, which will be available in early May. The guide includes the top six commercial mango varieties: Ataulfo, Francis, Haden, Keitt, Kent and Tommy Atkins. For each variety, five stages of maturity/ripeness are represented with internal flesh photos, color swatches, and ranges for firmness and Brix levels. It is intended for use at the retail receiving point in the United States.

The NMB will first distribute physical copies of the guide to mango industry members in the U.S., with digital copies going to our foreign industry members. The next step will be to distribute the guide to retailers in the U.S.

Stay tuned for more details, and if you are a mango importer or first handler based in the U.S., watch your mailbox for your copy of the Mango Maturity and Ripeness Guide.

  Importer/Retailer Webinar Coming Soon

The NMB will host a webinar focused on best practices for handling mangos at the importer and retailer level. We hope that you will encourage your retail trading partners to participate in this event in an effort to improve mango handling practices and mango quality. A major driver of mango demand and consumption is fruit quality and consumer satisfaction. So, by improving handling practices, raising the bar on quality and creating satisfied, repeat customers, together we can strengthen the mango market. The date and time for the webinar will be announced soon.

  Marketing Results for First Quarter 2010

Our consumer, foodservice and trade media programs for 2010 are off to a hugely successful start. For example, in our consumer marketing programs, we've reached consumers over 201 million times in just three months! Based on these early results, we expect to make great strides in educating consumers and increasing mango awareness in 2010.

When mango stories appear in newspapers, magazines and on the internet, consumers are educated about how to select, cut and use mangos, and they are reminded of just how much they love this amazing, versatile fruit. All of this mango "buzz" can help to drive demand and consumption, which helps everyone in the mango industry.

Take a look at our first quarter results for more details:

Consumer Media Results Tracker
Foodservice Media Results Tracker
Trade Media Results Tracker

  Introducing Virtual Test Kitchen

For 2010, the NMB is engaged in an exciting and innovative program designed to deliver our mango messages to writers and editors all across the country. The initiative is called Virtual Test Kitchen, and it is designed to increase mango coverage in magazines, newspapers and on websites throughout 2010 and well into 2011.

Through Virtual Test Kitchen, we are delivering mangos, information and short video demonstrations to these editors, so they can experiment and discover new ways to use the world's most popular fruit.

Virtual Test Kitchen launched with our Spices and Ripeness Experience, which allowed the editors to taste mangos at varying levels of ripeness and with different spice combinations. Next up are a series of variety-focused encounters that will encompass the six main commercial varieties of mango.

The response to this initiative so far has been outstanding. We expect to see an increase in the amount of mango coverage, and more importantly, we expect to see more in-depth information about mangos in these publications. As the editors and their readers learn about different mango varieties and using mangos at different levels of ripeness, their comfort level will increase and they are more likely to purchase your mangos in the grocery story.

Please check out to view the videos, recipes and information sheets. This page will continue to grow as each new delivery is made to the editors.

  National Mango Board In The News

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  Consumer Research Results

Each month, approximately 1000 consumers are surveyed on behalf of the NMB as part of our ongoing consumer research project. We use this valuable information to help shape future programs and gauge the effectiveness of our efforts.

The Executive Summary for this project, which is linked below, includes the initial findings from the 2008 research. In the Consumer Research Report, you'll find the results for the key questions of market penetration, number of mangos purchased and average price paid from March 2008 through January 2010.

Consumer Research Executive Summary
Consumer Research Top-Line Report

To read an overview of the project with the objective and survey parameters, click here.

  Introducing the New Mango Crop Report

In an effort to provide you with the most current and complete information available about mango volume, there have been changes to the Mango Crop Forecast document. In each graph and data table, you will now find four measurements:
Shipping Projection 2010 this data shows what is projected to ship from the source country each week, as predicted by the National Mango Board working in conjunction with the source country
Shipped from Source 2010 this data shows what was shipped from the source country each week as reported by that country
Arrived at US Entry Port 2010 this data shows what arrived at US ports from the source country each week as reported by the USDA Market News
Arrived at US Entry Port 2009 this data shows what arrived at US ports from the source country in the same week of the previous year as reported by USDA Market News
These changes have been made in response to feedback by mango industry members who felt that the arrival data was important for fully understanding the flow of the crop. We welcome and value the input of every member of the mango supply chain. Based on these changes, the document will now be called the Mango Crop Report.

Click here for the latest Mango Crop Report.

Please note - if you visit the crop report frequently, you might find that you need to refresh your page to see the newest crop report. This is because the older version is saved your computer's cache. A click on "refresh page" or "reload page" should bring up the newest crop report document.

  Referendum Results

On March 26th, the first referendum on continuation of the NMB was completed. The referendum was conducted by USDA and the final results are now available. 73% of eligible mango industry members who cast ballots voted yes, which means the program can continue for another five years. For more details about the referendum, please visit

  Nominations Update

One of the most significant ways for you to get involved and help shape the future direction of the NMB is to serve as a board member. Now is the time to step forward and take a leadership role. The 2010 nomination process for the following National Mango Board positions is underway:
  • 1 Importer - District 2
  • 2 Importers - District 3
  • 1 Importer - District 4
  • 3 Foreign Producers
The deadline for nominations to be received at the NMB office is May 11, 2010. Detailed information can be found at

  Industry Newsletter Now Available Online

Earlier this year, the NMB created an industry newsletter highlighting some highlights and results from the 2009 programs. Here in the states, you may have received a printed copy of the newsletter, which is now available digitally in both English and Spanish. The newsletter is another way for the NMB to communicate the nature of what we do and what our results have been. This piece, along with the Mango Connection, our virtual meetings, our foreign outreach meetings and our annual networking event at PMA Fresh Summit are all ways for us to reach out to the mango industry with information about how we invest your resources.

Click here for the NMB newsletter in English
Click here for the NMB newsletter in Spanish

  Virtual Outreach Meetings Update

The NMB hosted a virtual outreach meeting via webinar on March 3rd, 2010. We hope you were able to join us, but if not, the webinar and materials are available to you online. Click here and look for the link to the March Virtual Meeting to watch a recording of the webinar. The March virtual meeting included an overview of NMB programs, and highlights of 2009 results.

These virtual meetings will be held quarterly throughout 2010, and the next session is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2nd at 4:00 pm Eastern time. This virtual meeting will focus on the NMB research program, including tools you can use to build your mango business.

Please click here to sign up for the June 2nd virtual meeting.

  Foreign Outreach Meetings Update

The next stops for the industry outreach meeting tour include Piura, Peru at PROMANGO Congress on June 17th and Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil at FENAGRI in July 2010. Detailed information will be posted in the calendar section of when available.

These meetings are designed to share information about marketing, research and industry relations programs developed by the National Mango Board to serve the mango industry.

  Next Board Meeting

The National Mango Board will meet on September 14 and 15, 2010 in the New York/New Jersey area. Details will be posted in the calendar section when they are available.

  NMB Diversity Statement

The NMB encourages industry members without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, size of business/operation, and marital or family status or other basis protected by U.S. law to participate in NMB activities and seek a position on the NMB.

National Mango Board