Mango Connection
Volume 5 | Issue 2 | February 2010
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Greetings Mango Industry,

What's in a number? Like you, the NMB is constantly looking for ways to evaluate our progress. One of the most effective methods of measuring our consumer marketing and public relations campaign is to calculate how many readers/viewers/listeners were exposed to our mango messages. Last year, U.S. consumers saw our mango messages over 411 million times in our print, broadcast or online campaigns, with an investment of well under a penny per consumer impression.

Consumers in large media markets as well as small markets all over the U.S. were bombarded with our mango messages last year. To learn which media outlets ran mango stories, check out our media tracker. I am proud of the reach our team has been able to make into the ultra competitive and expensive media market. It's unlikely that U.S. consumers have ever had this much exposure to mangos ever before. Check it out and let me know what you think.

We are also embracing technology in an effort to reach out to you. Below, you will learn about our upcoming virtual meeting on March 3rd, and we encourage you to participate. Preparing for this event has been an interesting experience. Although technology simplifies the administrative component of hosting and executing a virtual meeting, we opened up a whole new box of skills to pull this event together, and it has not always been fun or easy. Many times, it was as difficult as learning a new language. Everyone on staff provided different portions to the webinar and we are anxious to see the final result. We are also very interested to hear what you think about the end product.

On a personal note, many of you know that I am learning Spanish as a second language. This is especially interesting to me because many of my friends and family are not convinced I know English very well. It has been an exciting journey and I appreciate everyone's patience and support.

Gracias amigos.
William Watson, Executive Director

  New Board Members Appointed

On February 4th, USDA announced the appointment of these six industry members to the National Mango Board for the term beginning immediately and ending December 2012:
Importers District I
Ken Nabal, Frontera Produce, Boca Raton, FL
Ronald Cohen, Vision Import Group LLC, River Edge, NJ
First Handler
Anthony Godinez, Godinez International LLC, Hidalgo, TX (re-appointed)
Domestic Producer
Venancio Marti, Martex Farms, Carolina, Puerto Rico (re-appointed)
Foreign Producers
Olaf Rasch, Fruticola del Sur, S.A., Guatemala City, Guatemala
Guillermo Palmeros, Frutas Tropicales de los Idolos S.S.S., Actopan, Veracruz, Mexico

Outgoing Board Members
The National Mango Board is grateful for the service of these 4 board members, whose terms have ended:
John-Campbell Barmmer, Chestnut Hill Farms, Miami, FL
Isabel Freeland, Coast Tropical, Miami, FL
Cesar Cabello, Productora y Comercializadora Cabello, Monterrey, Mexico
Bonifacio Bustamante, CC Tropicales SA de CV, Escuinapa, Sinaloa, Mexico

Congratulations to our incoming and re-appointed board members and many thanks to those who are leaving us for your tireless efforts and hard work. Thanks also to everyone who went through the nominations process but was not ultimately appointed. We understand that you may be disappointed in the decisions made by the Secretary of Agriculture, but we hope you will try again at your next nominations opportunity.

  2009 Results for Consumer, Foodservice and Trade

As you know, we carefully track the results of every part of our marketing program, and we share that information freely and openly with you, the mango industry. We're proud to continue that tradition as we unveil our final 2009 results in three important program areas.

In our consumer marketing and public relations program, we reached U.S. consumers an estimated 411,435,920 times during 2009. With an investment of under $600,000, that's about 1900 consumer impressions for every dollar spent. Click here to see the complete 2009 consumer media tracker. This document is very detailed and runs 109 pages, but check out just the first few pages for an overview of the results and dig deeper if you want to know more.

On the foodservice side, we've been working hard to get mango articles written in the trade magazines and newspapers that chefs and restaurateurs read. The results have paid off, and in 2009, these messages were seen 4,181,450 times. Another way of looking at this figure is through ad equivalency, or what it would have cost to purchase all of this space as advertising. Our $25,000 investment yielded over $154,000 worth of exposure. That's a 6 times return on investment for the mango industry's funds. Click here to see the complete 2009 foodservice media tracker.

And finally, our work with the produce and grocery trade media in 2009 was very fruitful. Throughout the year, we invested $18,000 in this program, which resulted in our message being seen 4,577,327 times. That's 254 impressions per dollar invested and represents an important way that we keep mangos top of mind with retailers. Click here to see the complete 2009 trade media tracker.

Stay tuned for the final report of our 2009 retail promotions, which will be published with the March Mango Connection.

  National Mango Board In The News

PMA Headline News, January 20, Mango stops growth of colon, breast cancer cells in lab (This statement was made by the publication, not the NMB. It has not been evaluated by USDA or FDA.)

Produce Industry Insider Market Update, January 29, Mexican Mangoes

Produce Business, February, Mexican Mangos - Choosing Beyond Color

The Packer Online, February 5, National Mango Board Appoints Six

FruitNet, February 8, Mango Board Members Named by USDA

Perishable News, February 8, USDA Names 6 New NMB Members

PMA Headline News, February 9, USDA Names Members to National Mango Board

Produce News, February 17, National Mango Board to host virtual outreach meeting

Perishable News, February 18, NMB to Host Virtual Outreach Meeting

The Packer Online, February 19, Mango board schedules Web seminars

  Consumer Research Results

Each month, approximately 1,000 consumers are surveyed on behalf of the NMB as part of our ongoing consumer research project. We use this valuable information to help shape future programs and gauge the effectiveness of our efforts.

The Executive Summary for this project, which is linked below, includes the initial findings from the 2008 research. In the Consumer Research Report, you'll find the results for the key questions of market penetration, number of mangos purchased and average price paid from March 2008 through December 2009.

Consumer Research Executive Summary
Consumer Research Top-Line Report

To read an overview of the project with the objective and survey parameters, click here.

  Crop Forecast

The Mango Crop Forecast provides the projected volume, recent volume history and a comparison to last year for those countries that are currently shipping or will start shipping soon. Recent pricing history helps to tell another part of the mango market story.

Click here for the latest Mango Crop Forecast.

Please note - if you visit the crop forecast frequently, you might find that you need to refresh your page to see the newest crop forecast. This is because the older version is saved to your computer's cache. A click on "refresh page" or "reload page" should bring up the newest crop forecast document.

  Continuation Referendum Scheduled For National
  Mango Board

USDA is required to administer a continuation referendum for the National Mango Board every five years. This means that eligible mango industry members get to decide if the program should continue. The NMB's first referendum will take place from March 15 to 26, 2010. Importers and first handlers who handled 500,000 pounds of mangos or more in 2008 or 2009 calendar year are eligible to vote. Everyone who is eligible to vote will receive a ballot from USDA. For more information about the referendum, please visit

  NMB to Host Virtual Outreach Meeting on March 3rd

Please join us online on Wednesday, March 3 at 4 p.m. to learn how the National Mango Board is working on your behalf in the U.S. marketplace. You can register here for the free one-hour session. You will have the opportunity to listen and participate in this unique virtual outreach meeting as the National Mango Board outlines efforts to increase consumption of mangos in the U.S. The meeting will be held via web conference, letting you take advantage of the information without leaving your office. Admission is complimentary. Register today! For more information, please contact Marilda Peele at or 407-629-7318 x106.

  Foreign Outreach Meetings

The National Mango Board met with mango industry members in Guatemala City, Guatemala on February 16th, 2010. The next stop for the industry outreach meeting tour is Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil in July 2010. Detailed information will be posted in the calendar section of when available. These meetings are designed to share information about marketing, research and industry relations programs developed by the National Mango Board to serve the mango industry.

  Next Board Meeting

The NMB's next board meeting will take place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The meeting is scheduled for March 10th & 11th. Please see the calendar section of for more information.

  NMB Diversity Statement

The NMB encourages industry members without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, size of business/operation, and marital or family status or other basis protected by U.S. law to participate in NMB activities and seek a position on the NMB.
National Mango Board