Volume 4 | Issue 2 | February 2009
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In this issue of the Mango Connection, be sure to check out the final 2008 retail promotions report. This was the first year for the NMB to manage our retail promotions program in house, and we’re very proud of the results. See below for a recap and a link to the report.

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Mango Handling Best Practices Webinar

The National Mango Board in conjunction with the UC-Davis Post Harvest Technology Research & Information Center will host a webinar designed to educate importers and retailers about mango handling best practices to improve quality. Produce professionals from all phases of the mango supply chain, from importers to the retailers’ distribution center, quality control, buyers, category managers and merchandisers are encouraged to attend.

Topics will include:
  • The mango’s journey from tree to consumer
  • Assessment of mango quality, including cultivar differences and available tools
  • Best practices for mango handling at the warehouse, distribution center and retail levels

  • The information will be presented in English only and will be focused entirely on mango handling after the fruit arrives in the United States.

    Mango Handling Best Practices Webinar
    Tuesday March 17, 2009
    1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

    Reservations are required and space is limited. Please RSVP to Megan McKenna, mmckenna@mango.org or 407-629-7318 x105.

    Mango Handling National Mango Board In The News

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    Marketing Reports

    The NMB carefully tracks our progress and results for each and every part of our program. Tracking the marketing programs helps us understand what types of programs might be most effective in the future for driving mango consumption.

    Updated reports for the 2008 Consumer Marketing, Foodservice Marketing and Trade Media programs are now available. The final versions will be posted with the March issue of the Mango Connection.
    Consumer Results Report
    Foodservice Results Report
    Trade Media Results Report

    Final 2008 Retail Promotions Report

    Throughout 2008 the NMB successfully completed 110 retail promotions, covering the entire U.S. and spanning the entire year. Click here to see the full report and here are just a few highlights:
  • 110 retail promotions completed
  • 24,365 retail stores impacted
  • 3,963 sampling demo events
  • $463,015 invested on behalf of the mango industry

  • One of our top priorities when setting up promotions is that each country and each region should get an equitable share of the promotional funding to help move their crop. We manage this by setting up quarterly funding targets based on the 3-year historical average of mango import volume for each quarter. We know the system will never be perfect, because there are so many factors beyond our control, but in 2008, we came very close.

  • Quarter 1 allocation target – 20%
  • Quarter 1 actual allocation – 16%

  • Quarter 2 allocation target – 37%
  • Quarter 2 actual allocation – 38%

  • Quarter 3 allocation target – 28%
  • Quarter 3 actual allocation – 32%

  • Quarter 4 allocation target – 15%
  • Quarter 4 actual allocation – 14%

  • Crop Forecast

    Don’t forget to check out the mango crop forecast. Throughout the year, the NMB works with each producing country to develop projections for volumes and timing for the upcoming crops to help you better manage your mango business.

    Please note - if you visit the crop forecast frequently, you might find that you need to refresh your page to see the newest crop forecast. This is because the older version is saved your computer’s cache. A click on “refresh page” or “reload page” should bring up the newest crop forecast document.

    Nominations Update

    In early April the NMB will begin the 2009 nomination process for the following National Mango Board positions:
  • 1 Domestic Producer
  • 1 First Handler
  • 2 Importers – District 1
  • 2 Foreign Producers

  • These positions are for 3-year terms starting in January 2010. More information will be posted in Mango Connection over the coming months. For a listing of the current board members, and an overview of the nominations and appointment process, click here.

    Industry Outreach Meetings

    The National Mango Board met with mango industry members in Miami, FL on February 25. The next stop for the Industry Outreach Meeting tour is Antigua, Guatemala on March 19. These meetings are designed to share information about marketing, research and industry relations programs developed by the National Mango Board to serve the mango industry. Detailed information is posted in the calendar section of mango.org.

    Next Board Meeting

    The NMB’s next board meeting will take place in Puerto Rico on March 24 and 25, 2009. Check out the calendar section for more details.