Production and Postharvest Practices

From the tree to the consumer’s plate, every step in the mango supply chain presents an opportunity to improve quality. The National Mango Board has invested in research to provide a clear understanding of how quality can be improved through better production, postharvest and handling practices. From maturity assessment to quarantine protocols to packaging solutions and more, the research being conducted can be used to make a real difference in mango quality.

Postharvest Best Management Practices Manual

In addition to the research available, a downloadable version of the Postharvest Best Management Practices Manual is available in three different languages to help improve mango handling practices at each stage of the mango supply chain. You can also view a previously recorded webinar hosted by the NMB as Dr. Jeffrey K. Brecht from the University of Florida presents the best management practices and how harvesting and handling practices affect the quality and acceptability of mangos in the U.S. marketplace.

Mango Handling and Ripening Protocol

The brand new Mango Handling and Ripening Protocol is designed to help you improve mango handling practices in the leading to better quality mangos, greater consumer acceptance and higher mango sales. This document provides best practices for the latter stages of the mango supply chain, and is meant for retailers, wholesalers, importers and anyone who handles mangos in the United States; even if they do not plan to implement a ripening program. For those that are interested in ripening, the Protocol includes detailed information based on years of research

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