Letter from the Executive Director

Greetings Mango industry,

Although FDA has completed their final update on the recent salmonella outbreak, there is still a lot of work to do. A risk assessment of the industry’s food safety protocol vulnerabilities is scheduled to begin this month. Food safety expert, Sergio Nieto-Montenegro, Ph.D. of Hispanic Workforce Management will visit facilities in the producing countries as well as receiving warehouses here in the U.S. to identify opportunities for improvement. He will work with each of the FMOs in the producing countries, as well as government officials, to get the most complete input. This report along with industry input will be used as a guide to determine the next steps for the best food safety protocol for mangos. Your input along the way will be critical. 

In addition, since mangos have been identified as high risk, FDA will increase their inspections of mangos at the ports. As a result, look for longer hold time on fruit going through the process. Unfortunately, these additional inspections are most likely going to be the new norm.

These new changes to the industry give us all a chance to reflect. I encourage everyone to double-check your protocols and address any shortcoming immediately. Mangos continue to be a delicious and nutritious fruit for consumers. Keeping their confidence up with mangos is job #1. 

Good luck,

William Watson

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