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Recharge with Mangos

Does the end of the month have you worn out? This may be a good time to recharge your diet, and the good news is that a mango might be just the super fruit to help! 

Mangos are not only delicious but nourishing as well. Mangos are bursting with antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamin C, along with over 20 vitamins and minerals. They are a fantastic addition for any eating plan and a good source of dietary fiber. One cup of sliced mango provides three grams of fiber, 12 percent of the total needed in a single day. Mangos are as wholesome as it gets, not to mention they add beautiful, lively color to the plate. For more nutritional information on mangos, click here

Now that you know mangos are a must for any diet, give this Turkey Burger and Mango Pita Melt a try. It’s a wholesome take on an American favorite. Turkey is leaner than beef and lower in saturated fat, and it tastes so similar that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy their burger fix with less guilt.

Need a refreshing beverage? This recipe for Frothy Fresh Mango Green Tea will quench your thirst. After steeping the tea bag in hot water as usual, place tea in the refrigerator to cool and then mix with the other ingredients including mango, lemon juice, yogurt and honey. This is a great recipe to prepare ahead and enjoy for a few days as a cooling treat.

Want more mango recipes? Visit our Pinterest page for healthy options at all meals! For tips on mango selection and ripening, stop by www.mango.org. The taste takes you there!

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