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1/31/2012 Kickoff the Super Bowl Right


We’re fast-approaching that time of year when anticipation soars as spectators gather to witness the next Super Bowl Champions.   What better way to celebrate the long-awaited game, than by preparing an amazing appetizer for your Super Bowl guests?  We have the perfect mango recipe to do just this - Chicken Wings with Mango Chili Sauce (http://www.mango.org/recipe/chicken-wings-mango-chili-sauce). 
This popular appetizer is a great choice to add style and zest to a fan-favorite food. Combining large mangos, black pepper and brown sugar, the Chicken Wings with Mango Chili Sauce (http://www.mango.org/recipe/chicken-wings-mango-chili-sauce) recipe is sure to get rave reviews from the football fans and keep up the excitement throughout the big game. 
The variety doesn’t stop there!  Be sure to stop by the recipes page on our website www.mango.org/recipes to find more ways to make your Super Bowl experience that much more entertaining.

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