Tim Beerup Joins the National Mango Board’s Retail Team


    Orlando, Fla (January 21, 2016) – The National Mango Board (NMB) welcomes Tim Beerup to the retail team. Beerup comes to the NMB with a strong background in retail and wholesale produce, and a willingness to learn and help grow the mango business. Beerup will be working with retailers in the central region of the U.S., with a territory that spans from Texas up through the midwestern states. Katie Manetti will continue to work with retailers in the western region, and Cece Krumrine will represent the NMB in the northeast. Wendy McManus will continue to work with retailers in the southeastern states.

    The retail team works with the NMB’s retail partners, from the largest players to mid-sized chains, to smaller ethnic retailers who move big mango volumes. The team’s mission is to keep mangos top of mind and help retailers move more mangos year-round. To reach these goals, they set up promotions with retailers, help train store level and warehouse associates on mango handling and merchandising practices, provide point-of-sale (POS) materials, deliver consumer and industry research data, and highlight opportunities that retailers might be missing. 

    NMB’s Retail Team: top left, Tim Beerup, Central Region; top right, Katie Manetti, Western Region; bottom left, Cece Krumrine, Northeast Region; and bottom right, Wendy McManus, Southeastern Region and Retail Team Manager

    “Tim comes to the NMB with a wealth of experience and retail knowledge, making him a great addition to our retail team,” stated Rachel Muñoz, NMB’s Director of Marketing. “We are confident that Tim will play a key role in strengthening our team and continuing implementing high quality solutions to help our retail partners move more mangos across the U.S.”

    Visit mango.org/retail to learn more about the NMB’s retail program.

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