The National Mango Board to Host Mango Quality Webinar for Retailers and Importers


    The National Mango Board (NMB) will be hosting a free Mango Quality Webinar on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 3 p.m. EDT with discussion on proper mango temperature management with Dr. Jeffrey Brecht from the University of Florida, and insights on how the mango category is growing at retail level with NMB’s Retail Program Manager, Wendy McManus.

    To enhance consumers’ mango eating experience, the NMB has invested in numerous research to help the mango industry deliver a quality fruit for U.S. consumers to enjoy. Proper mango temperature management is extremely important, as chilling injury is one of the most common problems found in mangos at retail level in the U.S. Chilling injury may interfere with the mango ripening process, resulting in a flavorless and unappealing fruit with a reduced postharvest life. During this webinar, Dr. Brecht will provide detailed information on best practices to prevent the impact of chilling injury in mangos at warehouses, distribution centers and stores. This will include comprehensive information on safe chilling threshold temperatures for different varieties and maturities of mangos and emphasis on the importance of temperature when ripening mangos at different distribution facilities/warehouses and stores.

    The webinar will continue with a wealth of mango category information and consumer research with insights into consumer preferences and barriers to mango purchase - also available on mango.org. McManus will discuss access data that can help the mango industry understand the short and long-term trends in mango movement, including the exciting trends in fresh-cut mango sales. Lastly, there will be a focus on the strongest mango per capita markets and sub-regions, and which markets represent the greatest opportunities.   

    “Proper mango temperature management is crucial in delivering quality fruit to U.S. consumers,” stated NMB Executive Director Manuel Michel. “This webinar will focus on the opportunities that exist when proper temperature management is implemented throughout the mango supply chain, as well as highlight valuable mango category development information for the industry.”

    Mango importers, wholesalers and brokers, retail distribution centers, quality assurance experts, buyers, category managers and merchandisers are encouraged to attend. There will be a question and answer session following the presentation. This webinar will only be available in English. Click here to register for this free webinar!

    For more information on temperature management best practices, please visit mango.org/industry. For more information on category development and retail merchandising practices, please visit mango.org/retail.

    About National Mango Board

    The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group, which is supported by assessments from both domestic and imported mangos. The board was designed to drive awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S. The superfruit mango contains 100 calories, an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of fiber and an amazing source of tropical flavor. Learn more at www.mango.org.


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