The National Mango Board Brings the Spirit of Summer to Every Day


    The National Mango Board’s (NMB) marketing campaign has made a significant and positive impact among media and consumers over the years. Since 2005, fresh mango consumption has increased 53% in the U.S. with much of it attributed to NMB efforts. In continuing with these achievements, the NMB is gearing up to launch its 2015 marketing campaign which promises enhanced and creative ways to deliver the mango message to U.S. consumers. The overall theme in 2015 is Always Summer, in which the NMB will bring the spirit of summer to consumers through programs and events that incorporate soccer, snacks and salsa. The campaign year will have three elements: It’s Always Summer Here (January-April), Celebrate Summer (May-August), and Back to Summer (September-December). The campaign will reinforce mango nutritional and educational messages to U.S. consumers as well as the fruit’s year-round availability.

    Soccer, snacks and salsa will be the main components throughout the campaign. The soccer component includes the NMB as an official partner of the National Women’s Soccer League, and will engage consumers at selected games, as well as with social media, website channels, athlete appearances and more. In addition, the NMB will sponsor U.S. Youth Soccer, participating in sampling events during tournaments as well as engage in social and multimedia channels with a heavy up period during U.S. Youth Soccer Month. The snacks component will include a Cooking Class with key influencers in different U.S markets, where the NMB will have the chance to share new recipe ideas with media influencers. Finally, the salsa component will feature new recipes for sharing throughout the year. There will also be social media contests to encourage consumers to share their own favorite mango salsa recipes. Throughout the year, the NMB will send shipments to celebrities, media, top athletes and influencers to encourage mango conversations on all media channels.

    On the Nutrition PR and Marketing program front, the NMB will convey mango messages to our consumers. This program shares the nutrition story through influential dieticians, retail dieticians’ outreach as well as multimedia strategies. The NMB’s Registered Dietitian (RD) Network retains three nationally-recognized media dietitians: Frances Largeman-Roth, Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking, who help the NMB in securing national coverage in print, online and broadcast outlets. Moreover, the NMB will be a sponsor for the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance (RDBA), a professional association specifically catered for retail dietitians that focus on equipping them with business skills and industry insights. The NMB’s sponsorship will consist of mix webinars, newsletter articles and visibility at RDBA events.

    The NMB is also looking forward to another groundbreaking year for the Retail and Promotions program. The NMB will once again produce mango bin displays to help move more mangos at retail. A limited number of bins will be available at no charge to mango shippers for distribution to their smaller retailers that do not currently receive promotion allocations from the NMB. Make sure to read the NMB’s Mango Connection Newsletter for the official announcement.

    The NMB will again hold its annual Mango Mania Display Contest, now in its fifth year. All retailers, big and small, are able to participate in this contest where more than $12,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the stores that build the best mango displays. The contest will run in July, and mango suppliers are strongly encouraged to get involved. Industry members should look for the announcements this spring for more information and online order form for contest POS kits.

    The NMB’s retail program will continue promoting its Mango University platform, which includes training videos, tips, quizzes and prizes. All produce associates who complete the program will be eligible for prizes and receive a mango diploma. In addition, the NMB will continue to promote its newly developed Mango Handling and Ripening Protocol, detailing the best practices for handling, merchandising, and ripening mangos to help retailers move more mangos. Moreover, the NMB will keep moving forward with releasing its Mango Mover e-Newsletter, which is catered to retailers with handling and merchandising tips, plan-ahead promotions, market information, and much more! The NMB will be attending several retail tradeshows in 2015 to further awareness and identify new opportunities and contacts relevant to our various program areas. Make sure to visit the NMB’s booth at the following retail trade show events:

    ·         Southeast Produce Council

    o   February 28, 2015

    ·         New England Produce Council

    o   September 17, 2015

    ·         New York Produce Show

    o   December 2, 2015

    Lastly, the NMB will move forward with its outreach efforts to encourage use of fresh mangos in foodservice. The Foodservice PR & Marketing program works with operators, chefs and foodservice media to increase presence and sell-through of fresh mangos at foodservice. This year, the NMB will continue to work with foodservice media to share news about fresh mangos and secure editorial placements. The NMB will also conduct chain promotions throughout the year as well as pitch new mango recipes and ideas that can reach distributors and operators. Moreover, the Foodservice program will keep focus on educating culinary students and instructors, as well as practicing chefs, about handling and cooking with fresh mangos. The NMB accomplishes this through its Fresh Mango Culinary Curriculum, which incorporates training lessons and quizzes. The Culinary Curriculum has been approved by the American Culinary Federation for 8.5 continuing education hours. Finally - and new this year - the NMB will execute a distributor pilot survey which will help the NMB further explore promotion and education opportunities and gain insights within the foodservice industry.

    Make sure to sign up for the NMB’s Mango Connection at www.mango.org/industry/mango-connection  and the NMB’s Mango Mover at www.mango.org/Professionals/Retail to receive monthly updates on NMB programs, retailing tips and industry announcements. To learn more about the NMB’s programs, please visit the industry section of www.mango.org/Professionals/Industry.

    About National Mango Board

    The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group, which is supported by assessments from both domestic and imported mangos. The board was designed to drive awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S. The superfruit mango contains 100 calories, an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of fiber and an amazing source of tropical flavor.

    Mango availability per capita has increased 53 percent since 2005 to an estimated 2.87 pounds per year in 2013. Mango import volume for 2013 was 935 million pounds. Learn more at www.mango.org.


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