Strong Mango Volumes for the Fourth Quarter of the Year


    The National Mango Board (NMB) is encouraging retailers and suppliers to promote mangos throughout the last quarter of the year. As the mango harvesting season transitions from Mexico and Central American regions into the South American countries, mangos are expected to offer consistently high volumes, compared to more recent years, through the months of October to December of 2016. Retailers should not miss this amazing opportunity to move mangos and delight consumers through the holiday seasons.

    Retailers can warm up the fall and winter months by planning ahead for mango promotions during this time of consistent high mango availability. Retailers should also utilize point-of-sale (POS) materials to teach shoppers about mangos and bring a taste of the tropics to their stores during the colder months with this Mango Cranberry Sauce recipe or this bright Mango Yams with Almonds dish. In addition, retailers can spark shoppers’ holiday mango spirit with the Mangos Merry and Bright header card. POS materials are available free of charge to order from the NMB, in addition to merchandising best practices information at Mango.org/Retail.

    “This is a great opportunity for retailers to move mangos and turn up the mango heat during the colder months of the season,” stated Rachel Muñoz, Director of Marketing at the NMB. “By planning ahead and setting up strong mango promotions through the last quarter of the year, retailers can have a sunny winter mango season.”

    For more information about mango crop forecasts, please visit Mango.org/Crop. For more information on POS materials and other promotional items to use this season, visit Mango.org/Retail

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      About the National Mango Board
    The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group supported by assessments from both domestic and imported mangos. The board’s vision, to bring the world’s love of mangos to the U.S., was designed to drive awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S. marketplace. One cup of the superfruit mango contains 100 calories, 100% of daily vitamin C, 35% of daily vitamin A, 12% of daily fiber, and an amazing source of tropical flavor. Learn more at Mango.org.