Letter to Retailers


    Dear Retailers,

    I know what you are thinking, why bother reading so many newsletters when we have so much work on our hands. I get it, I’ve been there. But hear me out, and I know you won’t regret it as I deeply have.

    First, I want to extend my apologies to the National Mango Board (NMB) for not signing up for the Mango Mover Newsletter catered to retailersAs a result, I have missed out on the amazing information this monthly newsletter has to offer. I want to share my oversight so that I can help all the retailers out there not make the same mistake I did.

    If I had signed up for the Mango Mover, I would have been aware that there is a Mango Mania Display Contest! And that I could win big cash prizes from setting up my beautiful mangos on a catchy display. Well, maybe next year I can jump on that opportunity.

    Don’t miss the chance, like I did, to get promotional ideas for major holidays. I could have moved more mangos during holidays such as Memorial Day and 4th of July; what was I thinking! Not to mention all the tips about handling and merchandising mangos - did you know the NMB offers a Mango Handling and Ripening Protocol to help improve mango quality through better handling at warehouse and the store? This is a great tool that will help you improve mango handling practices that will lead to better quality mangos. 

    I missed all these and much more for not signing up for the Mango Mover, including:

    • Consumer Insights – shares results from research about  mango consumers that help when creating displays and sharing mango information
    • Mango in the Market – highlights mango varieties that are currently in the market so retailers can plan better promotions
    • Plan Ahead Mango Promotions – helps inspire mango promotions for the next 60 days highlighting opportunities for different occasions
    • Mango University – a fun tool to train store-level produce personnel and teach them everything they need to know to ramp up mango sales

    Sign up for the Mango Mover as soon as you can. Don’t do as I did and overlook this remarkable source of information. You will be glad you did!

    To sign up for the Mango Mover Newsletter visit mango.org/retail

    About National Mango Board

    The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group, which is supported by assessments from both domestic and imported mangos. The board was designed to drive awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S. The superfruit mango contains 100 calories, an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of fiber and an amazing source of tropical flavor.

    Mango availability per capita has increased 53 percent since 2005 to an estimated 2.87 pounds per year in 2013. Mango import volume for 2013 was 935 million pounds. Learn more at www.mango.org.


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