Grilled Fresh Mango Relish

    Servings: 5
    PREP TIME: |Cook Time:
    Recipe Categories: Toppings, Foodservice


    5-6 ripe fresh mangos, peeled, seeded, cut into cheeks and piecies to yield about 30 ounces uncooked
    6 ounces heirloom tomato, small dice
    2 ounces red onion, small dice
    1/2-1 ounce agave nectar. based on mango ripeness
    1/2 ounce white balsamic glaze/reduction
    2 teaspoons Italian parsley, minced
    1/2 teaspoon lime zest, minced
    Salt to taste


    On a very hot grill, mark mango pieces, slightly charring and leaving grill marks. Quickly remove from the grill with a thin spatula and transfer to a cutting board. While hot, dice mango small-medium and place in mixing bowl with remaining ingredients. Stir, cover and refrigerate 24 hours to marry flavors.

    Source: Chef Dave Woolley
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